Everything had changed since the year 2028. Towns and cities were trashed. What happen to the people? They had to fight for their own lives. Had to scurry far away from the towns and wouldn't even dare step foot into the cities. That's where it all goes downhill. You step in the city but there's no way of coming out. Either you are dead or Trapped. Doesn't matter which one you've end yourselves in you've walked into the darkest depths of darkness. But who knows she might be the lucky one and leave the place unharmed. Unless she cross his path, then there's no way of getting away. Not even a glance. You can't escape him. No one can.

"It's not a dream, it's called Reality"

This one quote changed all of Dayana's thoughts every piece of every one of them. They all went down the waterfall where they could never be grasp again.

Go ahead and read this story if you wanna know what drastic change Dayana had in her life. Was it for the better or for the worst? You'll find out in "Trapped."


7. Ch.6 |Trapped (h.s)

Listen to Tennis Court By Lorde 

~Dayana's POV~

It had been at least an hour, since I decided to get up and take a shower. Once done with that I pulled the soft cotton towel tighter to my chest. 

My wet hair falling to my shoulder, dripping on my shoulder and down my back due to just getting out of showering. Contemplating on what to wear, I scanned every single clothing from the rack labeled 'Master'. 

All I saw were dresses, and just plain skimpy clothing, but in the very far there were decent stuff to wear. Pulling out every decent piece from behind, I laid then down on the bed. 

Looking over them, I picked up a mid-thigh leather skirt. Shaking my I head I laid it back down, he said to wear something nice but not to were I will attract attention. 

Nothing that was laid on the bed caught my attention until there was one at the far end of the bed it was simple but nice and cute, it could also might be comfortable to wear. 

Going to hang the rest of the clothes, a knock came causing me to drop some clothes on the floor. Cursing under my breath I quickly picked them up and put them back in their place. 

Without thinking I unlocked the door and swung it open. Big mistake, my eyes widen at the sight before me. A smirked etched on his face once he saw me standing in front of him. 

His eyes raked my body from head to toe and back from toe to head. I felt dirty, once he did that, then it dawn to me that I was only wearing a towel covering my naked figure and my wet hair was sticked to my body. 

Holding the towel tighter with much more of a reason I looked down not wanting to see his hungry eyes boring into my almost exposed body. 

"Nice to see you, beautiful." He spoke. I could feel his eyes on me not on my body but on me. Looking up, he was sure looking at me. 

"I see you don't wanna utter a word, that's fine baby, it's time to go." he said smirking. 

"I'm-Im not ready." I said but once I saw his brow raise I knew my mistake. 

Clearing my throat I spoke again. "I'm not just ready..Master." 

"Well then what are you doing here standing. Go on her ready." Making his way inside he went to my bed and sat down. I looked at him with wide eyes like if he had grown two heads. 

"Hurry. We don't have much time." He said calmly, looking at me. 

"But I have to change."

"Then go on don't mind me." 

Irritated with his calms I decided to speak my mind knowing it would cause my being punished but I would never let him see m naked. I'm not going to put myself that low. 
"No. Not with you in here." I told him.

Taken outback by my sudden outburst. I would've thought he would get mad but I was met with a smug smile. "Sorry to brake it to you but I get to decide what I do and don't do. Now get this sexy dress on and let's go." he said throwing the dress I had chosen. 

But once hearing him call it sexy I didn't want to wear it but it was to late to change it. Sighing I grabbed it tight in my hand, walked towards my drawers.

Taking out some undergarments and quickly covered them with the blue dress and walked to the bathroom. But his voice stopped me before I could enter completely but my back was facing him so whatever he had to say, he would have to say to my back. 

"Fuck, lace undergarments. Fucking love it baby." he said. My face went paled once he said that. Lace undergarments? No, no, no, I couldn't have grabbed them on purposely, this can't be happening. 

Closing my eyes I took deep breaths in and out, I couldn't stand there any longer, entering the rest of the way inside the bathroom. I slammed the door and placed my back against it. 

I. Want. To. Go. Home. Now. I want go back to the place I grew up. The place were all my childhood memories are, were I have my stuff, stuff that nobody knows about. 

An idea popped in my head, he was taking me out right, of he was taking me out then that will be my chance to escape. Giddy, with hope I pushed myself off the door and untied my towel letting it drop to the ground. 

Taking the damn lace undergarments I double thought it but wore it knowing I had no extra undergarments in the bathroom. 

Quickly pulling on the flow-y dress on, it wasn't tight, or lose-y, just the right size. Which is creepy that they would have the size of clothing I wear. 

Not bothering with make up, I moused my wet hair and walked out the door. Not caring to look at him, I walked to the closet scanned for some gladiators until I spotted some at the very back. 

Grabbing them I put them on, grabbed a brown small shoulder bag and walked to my drawer and opened a small box, pulling out a green/bluish necklace, some bracelets and earrings and placing it around my neck, ears and wrist. 

I knew he was watching my every move since I walked out the bathroom door. Facing him his eyes were a dark color but not to were it was pitch black. 

"I'm ready." I said looking at him straight in the eyes. Nodding his head he got up from the bed and made his way towards the door. 

This was it, I could make it out of this house alive or face the consequence once he catch me and return. 


A/N: Update!! Yaya! Hope you enjoy it. Anyways what do you think will happen? Will she be able to escape? 

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