Everything had changed since the year 2028. Towns and cities were trashed. What happen to the people? They had to fight for their own lives. Had to scurry far away from the towns and wouldn't even dare step foot into the cities. That's where it all goes downhill. You step in the city but there's no way of coming out. Either you are dead or Trapped. Doesn't matter which one you've end yourselves in you've walked into the darkest depths of darkness. But who knows she might be the lucky one and leave the place unharmed. Unless she cross his path, then there's no way of getting away. Not even a glance. You can't escape him. No one can.

"It's not a dream, it's called Reality"

This one quote changed all of Dayana's thoughts every piece of every one of them. They all went down the waterfall where they could never be grasp again.

Go ahead and read this story if you wanna know what drastic change Dayana had in her life. Was it for the better or for the worst? You'll find out in "Trapped."


29. Ch.28 |Trapped (h.s)


~Dayana's POV~

After our little moment in the hall. Harry had pulled away and pulled us towards my room. Telling me he'd be back in 10, to see if I was ready. As quickly as I could I pulled an outfit together. 

Consisting of some black skinnies, a gray/green shirt and some light brown ankle boots, I let my hair flowing down, not really bothering with it. Couple second later I hear a tap on the door and Harry's face pop besides the door. 

"Ready?" He asked eyeing me from head to toe. 

"Yep." Applying some bit of perfume. I grabbed the shades that laid on the dresser and made my way to the door where he stood. 

Harry had gone simple too, wearing  a gray/blue sweatshirt, black jeans and light brown boots. Technically we had dressed identical, well except for the sweater. 

"Trying to copy me, Dayana aren't we." Harry spoke my thoughts and smirked. Rolling my eyes, I couldn't stop the smile etched on my face. He was being playful, he was showing me a side he hasn't shown others. 

"Yeah. Whatever, now were we going?" I asked.

"That m'lady will be a surprise." With that said he grabbed my hand into his and pulled us out of the room. 

And here we are now, ascending the stairs hand in hand. It's funny how only a couple of days ago, I would've done anything and everything from being in this position. Now look at where I am, feeling content into being able to be a part of Harry's mysterious life. 

Walking out of the mansion, Harry pulled me with him into a garage. Opening it with a control remote, I hadn't noticed. The big metallic door opened, revealing various of cars to a motorcycle.

"Wow. We're taking the beast over there right?" I awed pointing at the far left side were a motorcycle was parked.

"Didn't think you were a motorcycle girl." He said looking at me with amazed eyes. Looking up at him dead in the eye. I tried to keep a straight face but failed and chuckled, shaking my head. 

"Seriously. I love feeling the wind blow through my hair and see the town rush by me in a blur." 

"Well than, come on." He motion me towards the motorcycle. Took ahold of a helmet and passed it to me. Got on, I stood there waiting for him to grab another helmet and put it on. 

"What are doing. Come one climb on." He motion with his eyes. 

"No, not until you wear you're own helmet." Shaking my head and looked at him seriously. 

All he did was chuckle get off the motorcycle. Take ahold of the helmet and put it on my head, clipping the bottom under my chin. "No. I don't need one. And that's that. Now climb on so we can head on out." I would have protested but the look on his face gave no room for further discussion. 

Grunting in annoyance, I huffed and climbed in behind him. Roaring the engine to life, I circled my arms around his firm waist. Muscles tensing, I gave a small peck on his neck. "Relax, don't want to end up falling, now do we." I whispered.

I knew what I had done was a big step to whatever this was. Because for one I knew he treated me differently then the others. Why? Only he knew. But if I wanted him to open up to me, I need to make the first step. Feeling his muscles relax and hearing his chuckles I knew it was going to be okay. 

Pulling out of the garage we arounded the fountain that adorned the middle of the mansion. Ending at front of the two steel gates, where two guards with arms in their hands stood. 

They both gave a court nod at Harry, which to he returned. To be shocked at the two guards that carried weapons would be understood. Why did Harry need guards? Was it to be cautious? Maybe. But it didn't stop me from feeling uneasy. 

"Ready?" He spoke breaking my gaze from the two guards, to him. Nodding, he gave me a lopsided smile and turned to gaze at front. Giving one last glance at the guards, to which they gave me quick nods. We zoomed away and on to the streets.

Seeing the woods pass us and leave them behind, I knew right away it was only a few more minutes until we arrived in the town.

As soon as we passed the sign reading "Welcome to Illesville " and the scent of tobacco floating in the air, made me realize just how much I didn't miss this place I use to call home. Yes, I do want to go home and be with my brother. But let's be honest here, being with Harry at the moment and feeling-safe- oh dear was it even okay to feel that way? 

But looking at the streets, seeing people run for their life and seeing them struggle to escape, I was glad I was with Harry. I might sound like I have no intentions of escaping or even finding my brother. 

I do miss him and I do want him to be with me safe and sound. But being trapped by Harry was the best thing that could happen. Yeah I might be a hypocrite but the side that Harry is showing me has made realize new things. 

As we neared the city, people came and went from store to store. But what was different from how it used to be was how every women had their own guards. Taking them from place to place. 

"We almost there?" I yelled threw the wind. 

"Almost." He yelled back. 

My eyes roam to a commotion taking place on the side of a store. As Harry rolled to a stop besides them, I could hear the man yells towards the vulnerable looking girl. While he yelled anything he wanted, all she did was stand there and take it. She couldn't do anything about it. She wore a brand. She was trapped by some cruel man, who called himself, her master, but no one could do anything about it. While I wasn't branded I knew what it implied when you were. 

"You fucking bitch! You had one job! One fucking job! And you go on and ruin everything. Oh but don't you think you'll get away with it easily." He roared with anger, vein throbbing against his neck, to knew what he was going to do next. But before he could even lay a hand on her. He caught me staring and snarled. 

"Look away Dayana." The warmth of his voice spread against my ear. I knew I should, but I couldn't just stand there and let that poor girl suffer a best out of an asshole. "Dayana." His voice had lowered an octave. 

By staring at the man in the eye. I was challenging him. But the mischievous glint in his eyes said otherwise. He was finding this amusing, I could imagine what was going thorough his mind "Aww a girl trying to challenge me into backing down how cute." 

Smirking he raised his right hand and swung at the girl, making her body stumble to the grown with the force he implied. Her body shook with pain, sobs escaping her trembling lips. I mean who wouldn't be after being slapped by an overly overweight men. 

I couldn't bare the action that had taken in front of my eyes. I was furious, clenching my fist together I tried to calm myself down. But it only became worse when I saw the old man grip the trembling girl by her long midnight hair. Pulling her to her feet and gripping her jaw tight.

I couldn't take it any more. Storming up to the men, catching the guards off guard. I punched the men in the jaw and nose. Satisfied hearing a crack with the impact and a gasp coming from the girl. That would teach the fucking asshole a lesson. 

Everything else was in slow motion. Feeling someone take ahold of my arm and begin digging their nails into my skin, not doubt leaving fingerprints there. Guns being aimed at the old prune, guards, Harry and I. 

Harry aiming at the old prune, the guards aiming at Harry and I, while Liam and Louis-who appeared out of nowhere may I say-aimed their own guns at the guards. I wand shocked to see Harry with a gun-like other would- I had felt it when I had climbed behind him on the motorcycle, hence the tense body he had. 

"Take your fucking filthy hands of her." 

"What will you do boy, kill me? You and I know both know you won't." The old man chuckled dryly. 

Harry's grasp on the gun tighten. His eyes dead on the the old man. 

Titling his head to the side, a sinister smirk spread unto Harry once calm features. It scared me, I've never seen this side of him before, neither planned on it but seems circumstances had other thoughts. 

"Who's said I was going to?" 

As he said those words fires were heard.


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