Everything had changed since the year 2028. Towns and cities were trashed. What happen to the people? They had to fight for their own lives. Had to scurry far away from the towns and wouldn't even dare step foot into the cities. That's where it all goes downhill. You step in the city but there's no way of coming out. Either you are dead or Trapped. Doesn't matter which one you've end yourselves in you've walked into the darkest depths of darkness. But who knows she might be the lucky one and leave the place unharmed. Unless she cross his path, then there's no way of getting away. Not even a glance. You can't escape him. No one can.

"It's not a dream, it's called Reality"

This one quote changed all of Dayana's thoughts every piece of every one of them. They all went down the waterfall where they could never be grasp again.

Go ahead and read this story if you wanna know what drastic change Dayana had in her life. Was it for the better or for the worst? You'll find out in "Trapped."


22. Ch.21 |Trapped (h.s) *WARNING: Mild Sexual Part* READ AT YOUR OWN RISK

*A heads up there will mild sexual content here. It might not be as good, Just wanted to warned you beforehand. *


Listen to She Bad by Cameron Dallas ft. SJ3 


Gripping at the stairwell rails, I made my way up to his room. Slowly, and cautiously. Beneath me, my feet click clacked against the granite stairs. In slow, cautious rhythms. 

Blood rushing through my veins, with anticipation. Setting foot at the very last stair, my body was suddenly jerked up against the nearest wall. 

"Quiet isn't your forte. I find you more of the loud type." Teeth grazed against my skin. A shiver running down my arms at the simple touch. 

"Who said I was trying to be quiet." I hummed, plump lips leaving feather like kisses against my neck. "But right now is not the time for this. I have a place to be at." Pushing him off of me, I fixed my hair and began to walk away. 

"That place being?"

"I'm placing a visit to him, he'll take care of me." I spoke turning my back to him and began leaving. 

"He's with her. He won't even spare you a glance, you mean nothing to him when she's around." 

"Well ain't this my lucky day. She might just get it through that thick skull of hers. When she sees us having rough and steamy sex in front of her. He belongs to me and only me." I gritted out through clenched teeth. 

"But what brings you here at this hour of the night? Stalking me, after that little incident at the ball? Couldn't resist me, know could you?" I smirked at him. 

His posture was stiff and rigid. Eyes turning into an unnatural darker color, and forming into slits. In two full strides he was in front of me, pushed me against the wall again, gripped me by the back of my neck and smashed his lips onto mine, into a feverish and lustful kiss. 

Panting once he pulled away, I looked at him a grin forming on his swollen lips, swiping his tongue out he licked his lips, humming in satisfaction. Alining his hips against mine, I could feel his hard manhood against my stomach. Making my panties soak from my arousal. 

An involuntary moan escaped my part lips as he grind against my lower half. "You feel this." He groan huskily against my ear, nipping at it. "Yes, that's all because of you love. He won't want you as much as I want you right now." He grind harder, making my inside tremble, wanting this to come to an end. 

I met his every thrust. "But no, go ahead to him. I have my eyes on Dayana right now, as you have your on Harry. Go on make this plan of ours reveal into it's magics. Don't let me down love." And with one last forceful thrust he let go of me letting my feet touch the floor. 

Stumbling a bit, my breath came out in heavy pants. I sighed and fixed my now wrinkly silk gown. As I watched him walk away leaving me with my arousal at its peak. "Oh and Damary. Make sure she comes to me after this. Wouldn't want Dayana to go into the wrong hands. Now would we, unless your willing Harry to be that person." He grinned.

"Over my dead body. Will she be with him. She'll go to you Armando. You'll have your ways with her, before you now it." With that I walked away from him and made my way to his room. He was mineOnly mine


1.)Just to make some things clear the anonymous person in this chapter is Damary pronounced (Dam•ah•ry). She's the girl that was sitting besides Harry on chapter 3-the one that glared at her- yeah that's Damary. 

2.) There is also another Anonymous Chapter which is Chapter 13 that person is Armando. Whoops sorry if you hadn't figure it out alreadyJust wanted to make that clear. 

3.) And yes there will most likely be more Sexual content. Sorry if it wasn't the best but this is my first time writing this kind of stuff.

Anyways just want to make some things clear for you. If it was hard to understand in the chapter. 

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