Everything had changed since the year 2028. Towns and cities were trashed. What happen to the people? They had to fight for their own lives. Had to scurry far away from the towns and wouldn't even dare step foot into the cities. That's where it all goes downhill. You step in the city but there's no way of coming out. Either you are dead or Trapped. Doesn't matter which one you've end yourselves in you've walked into the darkest depths of darkness. But who knows she might be the lucky one and leave the place unharmed. Unless she cross his path, then there's no way of getting away. Not even a glance. You can't escape him. No one can.

"It's not a dream, it's called Reality"

This one quote changed all of Dayana's thoughts every piece of every one of them. They all went down the waterfall where they could never be grasp again.

Go ahead and read this story if you wanna know what drastic change Dayana had in her life. Was it for the better or for the worst? You'll find out in "Trapped."


18. Ch.17 |Trapped (h.s)

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~Dayana's POV~

His words kept swirling around mind, even after midnight. His father. It was his father. Chills spread around my arms, his father had touched me. Even after scrubbing his sloppy kisses from my neck, I still feel his lips. 

I felt disgusted. I still do. A sigh escaped my parted lips, so many things were going through my head. Sleep wasn't an option right now, I had been awake for so long that it had disappeared. 

Sitting up from my laying position, I looked around my room, wanting some water. Spotting the glass jar empty, I grunted. Pushing away the comforters from my body, I pulled on my silk gown around my body. 

Grabbing the glass jar from its spot, I opened the door, for the first time there was no one standing by my door guarding it. Shocked but mostly confused considering all doors are closed at 10. Could this possibly be my escape. Could it? No

This was to good to be true, something was going on, and it put me on edge. As I walked out the door and down the stairs towards the kitchen. Everything was eerie silent not a sound coming from anywhere. But who would be up at this time. Someone had to be up, even if it was one of the maids, or even one of the boys. 

Shaking the sketchy feeling away, I made my way to the kitchen doorway, but halted once I spotted none other then the bastard himself. 

My palms began to form beads of sweat, my face became pale, and all I wanted to do was run from there. But the itchy and raspy feeling of my throat in need of some water won over my inner battle. 

"Well, well look who we have here. None other then the bitch that got my son against me." He spoke, glaring at me but a smirk etched upon his face. 

He looked at me from from head to toe. For once I regretted not wearing pajama pants and an ugly short rather than the silk shorts and silk tank top. 

To engrossed in my thoughts I hadn't realized Harry's father was approaching me, a smirk stretching wider showing his yellow teeth. 

"What are you doing." My voice quivered, taking cautious steps back as he kept approaching.

"You and I are going to have some fun." He chuckled, looking at me with lustful eyes. 

For once, being in his house I regret not stay in my room, for the damn dude out my door for not being there and stopping me from getting out. 

"Stay away from me. Or I'll yell." I gritted out, glaring at him, making my point clear that I would not hesitate to do so. If it meant saving me hell I'd do anything. 

"Oh, you'll do much more." His eyes held determination. Before I knew it he was running towards me in full stride. Turning around I ran as fast as I could.

"Where do you think your going?" He growled against my neck, grabbing me by the waist, chest against my back. 

"Stop! Leave me alone!" I yelled, hoping someone would hear me. About to scream again, he covered my mouth with his hand. 

Struggling to get out of his grip, I bit down at his hand making him yelp, having the upper hand. I tried kneeing him but ended up only hitting his upper thigh. 

"You b*tch! Your not going anywhere." He gritted out tightening his hold on me. 

"Stop!" I yelled, one last time before he covered my mouth with a cloth he had. 

"Sweetness, you'll be crying for other reasons in a while" I hadn't realized I was crying until he mentioned it while chuckling. This was going to be it, I was going to be used. 

Closing my eyes, once I felt his sloppy lips against my neck. All I could think of how this couldn't be happening. Where was he? I know he's no better but at least he saved me once.

"You dare lay a finger on her, and I'll kill you!" 



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