When The Truth Comes Out

Everyone has secrets. Everyone has lies they have told to protect them. But it's just a matter of time before the secrets get spilled and lies reveal the truth.


1. Chapter One -

Everyone has a secret that they don't want anyone to find out. Everyone has a lie that they use to cover the ugly truth. And everyone cheats in order to be the victor. We all do this. We are all human. This is a tale that is about five friends who start to have secrets, start to lie and start to cheat. Where they really friends at all? Well sadly at one point they were. I know this because once upon a time I was one of them. Then I realized these people aren't people you want to be around so I left. Most friends will walk into a battle with you knowing that you'll lose. These five friends create the battle and manipulate things so that you do lose. They traffic in fear and power not in love and loyalty. These people can't be described as the devil because the devil only captures those who god let's get captured. These people capture everyone. Now I will get into the tale of why I left these five people, not why but how. Because most people can't escape their fate. But I can. And I did. Welcome to the center of my world. My home away from home. St. Valley High school. Were I've spent three long torturous years avoiding people. Not all people but were about to get into that. So grab a girl/boy get some popcorn get comfy because we're going to be here for a while. 

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