When will things be "okay"?

This story is dedicated to my best friend. I love her dearly and I hope she likes my story. I know she will.
This is about a girl names Kayla.


2. When I see you again

I was on my way to history, books in hand, just shutting my locker.


When I feel your breath against my neck. 


I turn, our faces not more then four inches from each other. 


"Hey slut." He says plainly. My hand print moves up and down with every word he speaks.


"I can't believe you hit me the other day. Everyone knows how much your dying for someone to touch you below the waist." 


He tried to reach his hand for the bottom of my skirt. I crossed my legs, and put my hand up.


He stopped and looked back into my eyes. "Oh come on. It's not the first time someones tried."


I glared at him. "Get away from me." I pushed past his arms, and went to class.

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