When will things be "okay"?

This story is dedicated to my best friend. I love her dearly and I hope she likes my story. I know she will.
This is about a girl names Kayla.


4. School the next morning.

I pull up, and he's standing at the door. Waiting for me. I walk up, and smile at him. He slaps my ass as I walk past him.


Two minutes later were in the bathroom making out. Then my pants are gone. Again were in a public place, and he's power driving me.


The bell saves my ass, and we sprint out, trying to look like we are not together. Why do I keep letting this happen? I should have stopped him last night.


School ends, the whole day I was day dreaming about Brandon. As much as I hated him, I couldn't stop thinking about how good it felt when he was inside me.


At the diner, I was working. Again I went to dump the trash, he was there. He pressed my body into his car this time. Shutting off the car, he had me lay down in the back seat. 


Before he removed his belt I stopped him. "What are we?" he grinned "Sex buddy's", with that we had sex, in his car. Behind the diner.


The door was open the whole time, thank god it was dark. I was moaning, he was breathing heavy, and I pulled into school sore.

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