When will things be "okay"?

This story is dedicated to my best friend. I love her dearly and I hope she likes my story. I know she will.
This is about a girl names Kayla.


3. At the diner

Back at work that night. He comes in. He's alone tonight. He sits at the far booth. Two minutes later I come with a menu.


"Hey babe, how are you." He says, grinning at me. I roll my eyes, and practically throw the menu at his face.


While I turn to leave, he grabs for my ass. I turn fast. Slap his hand and run back around the counter.


He calls me over again, with his order. "Eggs and bacon, make it snappy, light on the slat, and pepper." I glare at him. "You can put the damn salt and pepper on yourself."


I sprint back to the kitchen. His order in my hand. Chef Lucy, see's how white I am. 


"What is wrong with you?" She asked, looking at the order. "An ass hat is sitting at one of the booths, complete PERV!" She nods and starts cracking the eggs. 


When I walk back out, he lights up. "Finally sexy legs, your back with our meal." I shake my head.


My shift ends and I go out back to take out the trash. The one thing I do every night. Sure enough Brandon is standing by the dumpster. "Okay what do you want?" I ask. He grins.


I throw the trash away, and before I can turn and go back in, he pushes me against the building and kisses me. I don't pull away, neither does he.


Soon his pants are around his ankles, and my panties are gone. And he's power driving his penis into me. I don't tell him to stop. He does once he's out of breath though.


And I go home regretting not slapping him.

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