missunderstood love

17 year old Cecila Jenkins gets pregnant after a huge party she knew she should'nt have went to the father of the child is nowhere to be seen will she find him


2. school



Cecilia's POV

When i got up my head was throbbing and i felt like i was going to throw up. I picked up my phone and ran to the bathroom. text ( Liam  Hey i need to tell you something meet me in the quad at 4 )  OK i replied.After the last bell at the end of the day i started heading to the quad. I was nervous of what Daniel was gonna tell me . When i reached the quad daniel was sitting there wwith a worried look on his face. 





Daniel's POV

How am i going to tell her about what Happend at the party Saturday. she was drunk and didn't know what she was doing .

We did something and i think she might be pregnant. Hey Cecilia there's something i need to ask you  have you been throwing up and having bad head aches  .  Yes she answered

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