Mental Torture - Poem

Dette er det digt, jeg har lavet i skolen til engelsk.
Der er ikke direkte beskrevet at det er "Meltal Torture" men håber man kan læse sig frem til det.
Vi havde om The Milgram's experiment.


1. Mental Torture - The poem for help

Mental Torture – the poem for help.


Here I am, for my eyes it’s hazy

I can’t keep control

My mind keeps going like crazy

And my body hurts and the same with my soul.


Each day, I grow more insane

From the thoughts in my mind

It’s no longer under my reign

And it makes me blind.


Lies keep this going

Why don’t they stop?

Feelings, is now the unknowing

To my very last drop.


Pain is what I feel, inside out

I wanna scream

I want to get it all out

And this is destroying my dream.


My humanity can’t be felt

Sitting here in the dark

I’m no longer myself

And I scream loudly “Hark.”


Every day I pray

It’s time to say goodbye

Emotions led me this way

And you will see my star in the sky.

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