The Girl They Judged

Vanessa was just the girl they judged. She was the one who got bullied. She was the one who got anything living inside her ripped out piece by piece. All she wanted was peace.

She got a makeover. She lost weight, she dropped the baggy clothes. She came back for revenge and she's not satisfied if she doesn't get here revenge.

She's hit with a ton of drama. The one with three bimbos who despise her. The one where there's a bad boy. However she doesn't only meet the bad boy but his best friend as well.

The one where she gets a hot fake boyfriend. The one where she falls for someone. Lastly the drama where she gets her revenge.

Join Vanessa in this twisted and brutal story.


1. Prologue

Vanessa P.O.V.



"You're so fat."

​"So fucking ugly that I would mistake her for shit."

​"Ew, look what the wind dragged, oh wait, she's too fat to be dragged."

​"Saggy tits."

"How is her brother so hot? But she's ugh."

​Everyday of my life is a joke.

​People used to get to me.

I've learnt how to keep it in.

​Deep down inside I'm hurt, they've ruined me.

They are the reason why I don't feel pain anymore.

How is it fair that somebody is judged by their looks and weight?

​They don't know me, if they did it wouldn't change their opinion.

​That was only because of the way I looked.

​Why is life so complicated?
I wish this ended.

​This was it, the last day of junior year.

​I'm going to change and come back at senior year as a new person.

Not only attitude wise but looks wise as well.

​Wait till senior year jerks.




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