The Girl They Judged

Vanessa was just the girl they judged. She was the one who got bullied. She was the one who got anything living inside her ripped out piece by piece. All she wanted was peace.

She got a makeover. She lost weight, she dropped the baggy clothes. She came back for revenge and she's not satisfied if she doesn't get here revenge.

She's hit with a ton of drama. The one with three bimbos who despise her. The one where there's a bad boy. However she doesn't only meet the bad boy but his best friend as well.

The one where she gets a hot fake boyfriend. The one where she falls for someone. Lastly the drama where she gets her revenge.

Join Vanessa in this twisted and brutal story.


3. Chapter Two.

Vanessa’s P.O.V.


“It’s 6am in the morning, why the fuck is something beeping?” I mumbled.

I looked at my phone.

Holy Shit, it’s 6am, I have school in an hour.

Time to go to the hell hole that made me feel so insecure.

I go to the bathroom and have a quick shower.

 As I came out, I looked at my newly decorated wardrobe.

Jelissa wasn’t joking when she said she had redecorated my choice of clothing.

There was everything a girl could wish for.

From dresses to high heels.

I then grabbed a stunning leather jacket, a white crop top with high waisted black jeans.

Let me tell you something I really hate normal jeans; I think they barely cover my butt however when I wear my high waisted jeans, its perfect.

I grab my black wedges, they are beautiful and I love them.

Oh yeah makeup, I wonder what Jelissa had gotten.

I open the draws.

What the hell, this is makeup heaven.

It’s gorgeous, from different shades of lipsticks to various shades of eyeshadow.

She had purchased all sorts of makeup.

From high end to drug store.

I prefer drugstore for some reason.

How the hell did she know my foundation shade?

Oh wait, she’s a beauty guru, I see a big future for Jelissa in the makeup industry.

I apply bb cream because I didn’t want to wear foundation.

After applying the bb cream I sprayed setting spray all over the areas where I applied the bb cream.

I then applied eyeliner and mascara.

I couldn’t forget the liquid matte nude lip lacquer.

I then picked out a black tote bag to match my outfit.


I go downstairs to see my brother with two breakfast bars in his hand.

When he saw me he continued to munch on them.

Here I thought he was going to offer me one.

After finishing the other breakfast bar, Tyler smiled at me.

“You’re a terrible brother”, I said annoyed.

My stomach rumbled loudly.

“What did I do?” Tyler asked innocently.

You ate the other freaking breakfast bar!

“You’re meant to offer me a breakfast bar and now I have nothing to eat because we’re running late!” I said grumpily.

Tyler then tossed me an apple.

I wasn’t expecting it, so it hit me in the chest.


Apples hurt.

“Hey I thought you were going to catch it, but no I’m Vanessa and I can’t catch for shit!” Tyler smirked.

“You’re so annoying! I forgot how you act in the freaking morning!” I said rubbing my stomach.

Don’t worry, I’ll get food one way or another.

“Now don’t you want to make that badass entrance or not?” Tyler smirked.

He ignored my rant.

For goodness sake I want food.

But I played along.

“Hell yeah!” I said, still hungry.

We both walk to his car.

I get inside the passenger seat of the car.

Tyler turns up a random rap song which I don’t really care for.

Right now all I was thinking about was school.

What will happen when people see me?

Will they think I’m Tyler’s girlfriend?


Tyler then cleared his throat.

Oh my God, here we are, Eastwood High School.

The memories…

The bullying…


Thing positive.

“You okay? Don’t you want to make an entrance?” Tyler said holding my hand.

The place Tyler parked was where all the ‘popular’ kids hang out.

They all stood there probably wondering who I was.

“I’m fine, let’s do this!” I smirked.

Tyler then walked over to where I was sitting.

People were getting really eager to see my face.

I knew they were eager because they were standing and were not removing their eyes away at all.

Tyler held out his hand.

Breath in, I covered my emotions with a blank bored stare.

I grabbed Tyler’s hand.

As soon as I stepped out, I heard people talking.

“She’s hot!”

“Damn, can I tap that?”

“Oh my God, Tyler doesn’t let anyone in is car other than his friends!”

“She looks like a slut!” A girl with a whole load of makeup on said.

Bitch at least my face isn’t caked like yours.

Guys were openly checking me out whilst a lot of girls were glaring at me.

While others were really curious.

Tyler then lead me towards two of his friends, who were staring at me curiously.

“This is Vanessa”, Tyler introduced me to his friends.

They were two guys.

The first guy was Drake, smirking.

And there was another guy who I’ve never seen in my life.

“Hey.” They guy I had never seen before said, with a kind smile.

“Hey, it’s the girl who didn’t tell me her name, so your name is Vanessa”, Drake smirked.

Doesn’t he ever stop smirking?

“Hey guys, and now you know my name, you’re welcome”, I said blankly.

“The guy there is Hunter and that ugly boy is Drake”, Tyler said, pointing at each of them.

“Okay, so now I’m bored so I’m going to go. Bye Ty, bye Hunter, bye jerk balls”, I said waving them off.

“Stay safe”, Tyler said smiling.

“Byeeeee”, Hunter shouted.

Gosh he’s so cute I want to squish his cheeks.

“If you wanted to see my balls so bad, you could’ve asked”, Drake wiggled his eyebrows playfully.

I flipped my middle finger at him as Tyler punched him on the shoulder playfully.

Now time to get my timetable.

I walked into the school.

For flips sake, I bumped into a wall, I must be looking stupid right now.

There goes my badass image.

I look up to see bloody Zachary; the bad boy of this school.

He was smirking, he wasn’t mad.

I still won’t forget how he was such an ass to me.

“So you’re the hot girl everyone is talking about”, His voice gave me shivers as he said that.

“Yeah honey, now I don’t want to talk, so fuck off”, I said sick of his face.

His gorgeous face.

I walked two steps away from Zachary until he grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

“Listen sweetheart, let me tell you something. If you ever mess with me you better watch your fucking back”, Zach said coldly.

He ain’t playing no more.

He was so close that I could feel his breath on me.

“We’ll see babe”, I winked.

I left him standing there and walked off.

But before I went into the next room, I heard something.

“Feisty”, Zach whispered to himself.

I left without giving him a single glance.

I walk into English literature and I find Jelissa.

“Hey Jelissa”, I smiled.

“Hey Van and I may say you clean up well, girl you look badass”, She said impressed.

“I wouldn’t be like this without you”, I said to Jelissa.

I’m glad that she’s my best friend.

I look at Jelissa who was frozen in her seat.

What was she looking at?

“U-um you know that Zachary is staring at you”, Jelissa shivered.

I turn to him and we have a staring contest, until I look away and he smirks.

“Stupid ass hole!” I cursed loud enough for Zach to hear.

Then I hear Zach whispering in my ear.

“The names Zachary, but you can call me Zach babe, but don’t ever call me ass hole”, he said calmly.

How did he get here? I swear he was at the back of the room.

“The names Vanessa, oh babe I can call you ass hole anytime!” I smirked at him whilst winking at the same time.

I see him getting all flustered whilst he leaves the room, slamming the door.

Serves the ass hole right!

I turned around to see Jelissa with a shock face. She then recovers and wiggles her eyebrows.

“Oh my god, did you and Zachary just flirt?” Jelissa said in awe.

“Yeah, so?” I replied, confused.

“I should let you know that Zachary never lets anyone call him Zach, except his friends, plus he never holds his gaze on someone for five freaking minutes”, Jelissa ranted.

“Who cares? He probably does it to other people”, I said annoyed.

How can I be the only one, there’s many other girls?

He’s also a player.

“No he doesn’t, you need to understand that he doesn’t do that to any other girl!” Jelissa said seriously.

I’ve never seen her so serious but still I don’t believe her.

“Yeah sure, now let’s focus on the lesson”, I said as soon as the teacher entered the class.

The teach then took the register.

After a few people’s names, he called out my name.


“Here!” I smirked.

And the people in the classroom were shocked.

“How can this girl be the fat ass?”

“What the fuck? Is that Vanessa?”

“Damn she’s hot now!”

“Probably plastic surgery!”

I chuckled silently at my classmates shocked expressions.

This is going to be an interesting school year.

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