The Girl They Judged

Vanessa was just the girl they judged. She was the one who got bullied. She was the one who got anything living inside her ripped out piece by piece. All she wanted was peace.

She got a makeover. She lost weight, she dropped the baggy clothes. She came back for revenge and she's not satisfied if she doesn't get here revenge.

She's hit with a ton of drama. The one with three bimbos who despise her. The one where there's a bad boy. However she doesn't only meet the bad boy but his best friend as well.

The one where she gets a hot fake boyfriend. The one where she falls for someone. Lastly the drama where she gets her revenge.

Join Vanessa in this twisted and brutal story.


2. Chapter One.



Vanessa’s P.O.V

This is it, the last day of junior year.

Just 6 hours more.

It should be easy I guess.

Oh who am I kidding, these people will find different ways to make my life hell.

As I walk into math class I clashed into someone else.

All my books fall out of my grip.

For heaven’s sake I bumped into fucking Zachary.

Even his name makes people shiver.

Rumour has it that he’s been to jail seven times and that he’s never dated anyone in his life.

All he ever had was one night stands.

I forgot to say that he is a walking Greek God.

He’s so good looking that you will stop just to admire his face.

Holy flip I shouldn’t have been looking at the floor the whole time.

I just don’t like watching people give me looks of disgust.

“MOVE!” Zachary snapped.

I did as he said.

As soon as I moved he looked furious whilst walking out of the school with his best friend Adrian.

Jeez I wonder what happened.

I spaced out and I forgot that people were laughing at me.

I’m late for class.

Wow I am so lucky.

As I enter math class, people are doing the usual, calling me names and trying to trip me.

“Vanessa over here!” My best friend Jelissa shouted.

I don’t know why Jelissa is still sticking with me. She’s popular, pretty and has a body like a model.

Whilst I’m just fat, ugly and wear baggy clothes.

This is what I call loyalty.

She stuck by me since middle school, my only friend in my whole life.

Surprising right?

As I walk over to the seat, I hear people chatting rubbish about how Jelissa and I are friends.

“Why does Jelissa hang out with her?”

“She’s too ugly to be hanging out with Jelissa.”

“Jelissa’s friends with her but not us, we have everything while that fatass has nothing.”

The last comment made me laugh so much that if I had water in my mouth I would’ve spat it right out.

As soon as I sat down, Jelissa tells me about our plans for the holidays.

“Van, we are flying over to New York today and as soon as we get there we will meet up with my cousin Hali”, Jelissa said whispered quietly to me.

“Then what are we going to do?” I replied in the same quiet tone.

“She’s going to start training you to lose weight, she will then teach you self-defence and then I’ll be helping you change your wardrobe and teach you how to apply makeup”, Jelissa said smiling widely.

“Thanks Lissa, you don’t know how much you’re going to help me, I’m glad you’re my friend”, I smiled at my perky friend.

She really does know how to up my day.

“Van you’re my best friend, I want to help you, these people are stupid and as soon as you come back looking finer than ever, they’ll regret everything!” Jelissa said proudly.

“We’ll teach them jerks a lesson because they’ve messed with the wrong person”, I smirked evilly.

“You’re damn right Van!”

Time skip to New York

I can’t believe that we are currently sitting in New York.

Jelissa and I at the airport.

We were currently waiting for Hali.

Jelissa was talking to her boyfriend Seth.

“Yes babe, it’s alright, yeah we got here safely.” Jelissa said, agreeing to whatever the hell Seth said on the phone.

Her boyfriend Seth is so protective of us.

He treats me like his little sister and loves Jelissa so much.

However, he goes to a different school.

Well my brother love’s me, people are always on about how I’m adopted and how he’s so perfect.

My brother Tyler always stops the bullies from causing me any pain, however, whenever he’s not around they speak their mind.

Tyler doesn’t even know half the shit happening to me, only Jelissa knows.

Tyler took a lot of convincing to let me go to New York.

Even my Mum and my ‘Dad’.

Time skip to Hali’s house

‘So Vanessa, let’s start off with your training and I want you to know that you’re only a bit overweight, I want you to have confidence”, Hali said kindly.

I really like her.

She’s so kind and motivating.

Two weeks went by and Hali had made me go through the military diet and workout.

I have to tell you those diets are really harsh.

It’s so hard to work out according to military standards.

I actually did it, my body had lost all the excess fat.

I look at my now flat stomach.

It was toned.


I finally reached my goal.

A week had gone by as Hali had taught me self-defence and may I tell you how good I was.

Now for my makeover.

I’m actually really scared because Hali and Jelissa had really evil glints on their faces.

“Okay Vanessa, we need your eyebrows done and remove any excess hair on your face, we need to shave your arms and legs. Umm… get your hair done and I’ve already restocked your wardrobe”, Jelissa said without taking any breaths.

“Okay, but what about makeup?” I asked as she had forgotten to mention it.

“It’s already covered, your room is stocked up with loads of makeup at you house and plus your makeup lesson will be done tomorrow”, Jelissa said extremely enthusiastically.

“LET’S GET STARTED THEN!” Hali shouted loudly.

So it’s been 4 hours and I’ve finally got everything done.

The girl I saw in the mirror was beautiful.

I couldn’t even recognise her.

The last time I saw my appearance I was insecure.

Now when I look at myself I felt confident.

Time skip 5 days

Jelissa had taught me everything about makeup.

I was a pro and plus I could apply my wing eyeliner without messing up.

For once in my life my wing eyeliner was on point.

I was now wearing a white crop top, black jeans and black heels.

I forgot to say that I can walk in heels without tripping, hell I could even run.

I’m also wearing a black leather jacket.

I have red lipstick on and black winged eyeliner with mascara and my hair was let out straight.

We have arrived at the airport, I saw my brother and mum waiting for me.

But before I could approach them I was about to slip but a pair of muscular arms had caught me.

I look up to see Mr. Popular aka Drake Jackson.

Woah is it just me or has he gotten hotter than ever.

I was lost in his eyes I forgot who I was.

I coughed and I got myself out of his grip.

However, he stood there checking me out.

“Can you not!” I said annoyed.

“Hey I’m Drake, what’s your name?” Drake asked timidly.

“You don’t need to know, catch you later jerk”, I smirked as I left him staring at my back.

I finally go to my brother and tap him on his back.

Let’s have some fun, shall we?

He looks at me and freezes, trying to recognise me.

“Um, who are you?” My brother Tyler said utterly confused.

“Guess?” I smirked.

“No seriously, who are you?” Tyler said really confused.

Here I thought I was getting smarter but I guess not.

“Seriously Tyler, you can’t even recognise your sister?” Tyler smiled widely and hugged me to death.

“I missed you so much!” Tyler whispered.

‘Tyler you’re suffocating me”, I literally felt out of breath.

His grip was as strong as my grip on my phone.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t realise”, Tyler said as he released me from his death hug.

Sure you didn’t realise.

“Vanessa?” My mum said shocked.

“Mum are you okay?” I said, tears wanting to escape.

My mum ran towards me and gave me a long hug.

“I’m fine and the doctors said I’m allowed to work again!” My mum said smiling as she tucked in my hair behind my ear.

“We’ll get through your problems and I mean it!” I said as Tyler and my mum led me towards our car.

Time skip to Vanessa’s house

Home sweet home.

I walk upstairs to my bedroom.

I ran into my bathroom and removed my makeup.

I then tied my hair into a bun.

After that I changed into my pyjamas and got into my bed, ready to watch Pretty Little Liars.

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