''Water for Life''

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  • Published: 1 Mar 2017
  • Updated: 1 Mar 2017
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This fairy-tale shows us there is no impossible things when you have golden heart.


2. 2.

   The crow was flying toward the kingdom. When finally reached it, the king was in the garden. The crow poked him with its beak on both hands and the new-crowned king was in severe pain.

-I am dying of pain!-yelled he-take the ring off my hand and put it in the chair next to my bed and guard it! Also, open the window because I'm suffocating!

Everything the king said was done but through the opened window the crow came, grabbed the ring and flew fast away. The crow gave the ring to the good young man and said:

-Now, you can do what you like!

He put the ring on the right hand and said:

-Ring, take me to my father's palace!

In no minute he found himself there. His brother saw him, knelt in front of him and said:

-Punish me,brother, I deserve it!

The old king came ,hugged his youngest son and cried from joy. The beautiful queen of the water for life also came, kissed the man on the forehead, turned to the old king and said:

-King, this young man came to my kingdom and took water for life. I also gave him the magical ring. Only he is worthy to be a king of your land.

The old king took the hand of the queen and said through tears:

-And only this hand is worthy for the hand of my son.

Then the old king said to his youngest son:

-Son, punish your brother like you wish. The crown is yours.

But the good son took his brother from the ground and said:

-Get up, brother. You have children and wife. Work for them and you'll be forgiven.

Soon after that day, the third son married the most beautiful queen in the world and ruled for many years.

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