''Water for Life''

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  • Published: 1 Mar 2017
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This fairy-tale shows us there is no impossible things when you have golden heart.


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   Once upon a time there was a king who had three sons. The one was married, the second one-engaged and the third of them was still single. When the king grows old,he gathered his sons and told them:

- I've heard in a far, far land, in a kingdom of a beautiful girl, there is water for life. Those of you who washes in it-if he's young, he never grows old, if he's old, he becomes young again, if he is sick-he will heal. The one of you who brings me water for life, will rule the kingdom.

The three sons went on the search of the water for life. After long walking, they reached a well at a crossroad. It was written there:

-''Dear traveler, if you go to the left road, you will return back safe and sound. If you go to the middle road, you either return or not. But if you go the right road, you will die''.

-What should we do?-asked the eldest brother

-Which road should I take?-wondered the second brother

-Do not hesitate!-said the little brother-You, brother, has wife and children-take the left road. You, brother, are engaged and have to go to the middle road and I will take the right road because no one is waiting for me at home. Now, each of you give me a ring. We will put the three rings under that rock and whoever of us returns, will take the ring back,just to know who of us managed to go back to our kingdom and survived the journey. Then, the brothers separated themselves.

The little brother walked and reached a cave. There was a burning pile of hay in front and a female voice was being heard:

- Please, help me save my children! They will suffocate themselves inside the cave!

The young man dispersed the hay with his sword and entered the cave. Something was glowing among the fumes. He then saw a mother dragon with her two little dragons. The royal son took them out of the cave. He saved them. The mother dragon wanted to thank him for the good deed:

-I don't want anything!-said the youngest brother-but if you know, please, tell me where I can find water for life

The mother dragon pulled a scale off her skin, gave it to the young man and said:

- Go east! You will climb a huge mountain. There is a silver castle on top. My brother who sees through rivers and mountains lives there. Give him this scale and he will tell you where to find water for life.

So did the youngest son. He reached the silver castle but there was no one there. A silver stream was running nearby. Next to the stream a silver little fish was jumping on the dry soil in order to move itself toward the stream but it was a hard task. So, the young man took it and put the little fish into the stream. Then the castle shimmered with the brightest light and a winged dragon appeared and asked:

- What are you doing here,boy?

The boy gave him the scale and replied:

-I'm looking for water for life. Would you tell me where I can find it?

-Go east! You'll reach a mountain, higher than this one. On top of it, there is a golden castle. My older brother who flies faster than the wind lives there. He can tell you where to find water for life!-answered the silver dragon.

So did the young man. He reached the golden castle and saw a golden crow. The crow had faltered wings and his beak was open. The young man took it to the stream and dropped some water in its mouth. Then, the crow strengthen its wings and flew away. At that instant the castle shone like the sun. A golden dragon appeared suddenly and asked:

- What are you doing here,boy?

He gave him a golden scale and replied:

- I'm looking for water for life. Where I can find it?

The dragon handed him a gem and said:

- Go east! You'll reach a mountain, higher than this one. There's a gemstone castle on top of it. The prettiest of all girls in the world lives there. Give her this gem and she will tell you where to find water for life.

So did the young man. He reached the third castle. Went inside. A beautiful girl was sleeping there. When he showed her the gem, the girl opened her eyes, smiled and said:

- What are you doing here,boy?

-Looking for water for life!-he replied.

-When you came so far, you deserve to have it!-said the girl-go and pour some of it from that fountain over there. Take this ring,too. Put it on your left hand. It will protect you. If you need anything, just place the ring on your right hand. The youngest son was glad. He took the ring,kissed the hand of the girl,poured water for life and went back. Walking a little, the man replaced the ring and said:

-I want to be to the well at the crossroad now!

In less than a second, the magical ring fetched him to the desired place. He looked under the rock and saw the three rings were still there. The young man placed the ring again on his right hand and said:

-I'd like to see my brothers!

This time again,the ring did the magic and his brothers appeared in front of him.

-Where were you, dear brothers?

-I was a captive in a faraway kingdom-answered the eldest brother.

-I was trapped in a forest with no exit! And you, brother? Where you've been?

-I found water for life in the kingdom of the most beautiful girl in the world. She gave me that ring. It's magical. Now, let's go to our father, the old king!-said the third brother

So did they. After a while, the eldest brother said:

-It's really unusual ring that you have! Will you give it to me to try if it really works?

The youngest brother gave him the ring. The eldest brother put it on his right hand and said:

-I want the water for life for me and my little brother to return the same road he chose to go!

The wish materialized itself. The two brothers reached the castle of their father and the eldest one gave the king the water for life and became the next king of the land. With the help of the ring he also made his other brother a king to the nearest kingdom.

One day the eldest son place the ring again and ordered:

-I want the queen of the water for life to come here!

In a second ,a golden chariot arrived and amazingly pretty girl entered the castle. She bowed down and said:

- What are your orders, my king?

-I want you to stay in my castle!-said he

-I'll stay because I am powerless while the ring is in your hand. But know that you'll not be happy until your good brother comes back to the castle happy as well.

In that time, the youngest brother reached the cave where he saved the little dragons and asked them where is their mother. They replied:

-She died when learned the magical ring is not in your hands anymore. But you go further the road and take this silver scale from my tail. Show it to my uncle in the silver mountain and he will help you.

The young man reached the silver castle but the front door was locked.

-Are you looking for the dragon?-called a voice from the nearby stream.

The boy saw the silver fish there.

-Yes, fish,I'm looking for the dragon. Isn't he at home?

-The dragon died when he learned you don't have the magical ring anymore but I can help you instead-said the fish.

-I'd like to go to the queen of the water for life.

Then the crow spoke:

-She's not there anymore. She's in captivity in your brother's castle. She's helpless until the ring is in his hands.

The little brother started crying. The crow perched on his shoulder and said:

-Don't lose hope! I'll try to take the ring from your brother. You wait here until I return. Good-bye!

-Good luck, crow!-wished him the youngest son of the old king.

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