Who we were

When the world ends the only one Melody has left is her little brother. Nothing will stop her from protecting him, not flesh eating zombies nor the murdering gangs. Nothing


1. the beginning of the end

It was the perfect day. The sun shone brightly in the cloudless blue sky. The smell of newly opened flowers danced around on the cooling breeze. None of those things registered in Melody's mind as she drove to pick up her little brother though. Only horrible panic. There was some kind of sickness going around, her mother had said it was like a plague. Melody was 19 and in all that time she had never heard the fear that she heard in her mothers voice. She was a high ranking government official, she was never afraid. Her mother had instructed her to go pick up her brother, the college she was taking classes at was nearer to the preschool than where they lived, and then head home as fast as possible so they could head up to the mountains to stay at an uncles cabin while everything blew over. As soon as she pulled up she ran inside.

"Where is Xander Sora? I am his sister and her to pick him up. He is with the four year olds." The lady tapped at a computer, in no rush at all.

"His class is at recess right now, I can call someone..."

"No need I'll go get him." She interrupted, walking down to his classroom quickly packing his little backpack and went outside to find him.

He spotted her first, called out her name, and ran towards her. His blonde curls sweaty and matted to his head. Melody picked him up and quickly walked to her car only half listening as he told her about a white squirrel he had seen. As she was strapping him into his car seat he seemed to finally realize that it was not the normal time he was supposed to be picked up. "Sissy what's going on? Why am I leaving school?" Even though he was only four he was very smart.

"A lot of people are getting sick and there is no medicine yet to help, so we are going to Uncle Toby's cabin while everyone gets better." They were halfway home and stopped at a light when Xander spoke again.

"Hey look, that man over there has a squirrel like the one I saw!" She turned to see that a middle aged man was indeed holding a white squirrel. Her stomach knotted in panic the longer she looked though. The man was dressed in what use to be a nice business suite but was now ratty and torn, his skin was a sickly grayish green, and his eyes were pure white. She noticed next that he was not holding the squirrel like it was a pet, but rather squeezing it as it clawed and bit him as it tried to get free. Then with complete horror she watched as the man brought the squirrel up and bit off its little head. She realized that the sickness wasn't a plague like the Black Death but a god damn zombie plague.

"No fucking way." She swore under her breath as she hit the gas and got away as fast as she could.

"Why did that man eat the squirrel?" Came Xander's tiny voice from the back seat.

"He is one of the sick people I told you about."

"Will he get better?"

"To tell you the truth, I don't think so bud."

"Oh... Poor man, poor squirrel."

Nothing else was said until they got home, but something was wrong. The front door was open and her parents no where to be found. Melody made Xander wait in the locked car as she went inside. Someone had looted their house all valuables were gone, TVs, computers, IPads all gone. That did not bother her though, she searched the whole house for her parents but they were gone. Holding back tears she went and got her bother.

"Xander what I am about to tell you is hard, but I need you to be a big boy. Can you do that for me? She asked holding him at arms length. Even though he had tears in his eyes he nodded. "I don't know where mom and dad are, but we can't look for them. There are going to be more sick people like the man with the squirrel so you and I need to get to safety. I need you to help me pack ok?" He nodded again, the tears spilled over and down his little cheeks but his blue eyes were hard with determination.

They packed quickly, only taking the essentials and all of her fathers guns. Melody was glad that her father had taught her the combination. When they got back in the car and turned on the radio she realized that no one had sounded an emergency alarm yet. Thinking quick she drove to the nearest Costco and got two large baskets of nonperishable food and drink. Melody let Xander get all the sweets and candy he wanted, he would probably never have them again. She also got all of the seed packets she could find. The lady who checked them out was so sweet that when she handed her the ticket she grabbed the girl's hands and said in a low voice, "this may sound crazy but all hell is about to break loose, my mom works for the government so I know. Get somewhere safe with lots of protection." The lady just smiled at her, confused, and nodded.

As they got on the interstate she started to hear the first reports about people attacking other people and trying to eat them. The panic was starting.

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