Yule Ball

The youngest Hogwarts professor gets a surprise at the Yule Ball


1. Part 1

Bel sat in her quarters decorated for Christmas staring out the window as she sipped her tea. She had a history of quiddich sat in her lap and her eyes fixed on the snowy landscape where students were throwing yet more snowballs at each other a few couples strolling hand in hand wrapped up in warm scarves and coats some looking particularly new given that it was Christmas day. Bel gad intended to go home and spend time with lived ones but as it was the year of the tri wizard tournament she couldn’t. For a start all Hogwarts students and professors had to stay at the school for the holidays no arguments or acceptations. Secondly it was hard to accommodate families that wished to visit for days on end so a message was sent out about visitors finding their own accommodation, very difficult for Bel’s loved ones seeming as one was in hiding on the run still and the other was a were wolf. It was easier for them both to stay where it was safer. And thirdly it would have been rude to just leave when the school was playing host to others and one thing Bel did have was manners even when you young male students from Durmstrang would attempt to make a move or flirt with the younger of the professors. Of course it proved useless. Dating students was illegal even in the muggle world and being honest with herself the biceps of the Durmstrang boys were far bigger than their brains. Not an attractive quality at all to Bel’s liking.
“ahh Professor Black. I thought I might find you here” A frail old voice spoke pulling Bel from her thoughts as she turned to face the old headmaster who was gently laying a large box on Bel’s mahogany coloured bed the blue chiffon curtains of which were slightly frail. “a package arrived for you earlier. It seems to be from your brother. If you would forgive me for looking I do so love these events and was just curious as to why your brother would send such a large box” Dumbledore spoke in the softest and most compassionate way with a small innocent smile playing on his frail old lips as he motioned to the tears in the seals on the box.
“Professor Dumbledore sir. You don’t need to ask my forgiveness. I’m sure it was worth looking at” Bel chuckled at the old professor picking up the book that sat on her lap snapping  it shut and placing it on the small round table before her next to the empty cup and saucer. “would you care for a cup of tea Albus” Bel offered gesturing to the chair opposite as the hot tea pot began pouring more drink into Bel’s cup floating in the air too awaiting an answer on case it had to pour out another cup.
“A kind offer Bel. Where as I would usually say yes in must decline” Albus padded across the room to where Bel now stood gently taking her face in his hands examining her face with gentle eyes. “ohh to be as young as you my dear your complexion is simply something the students could rival with. This is why I must leave you now. There us much to do you see and well someone as old as me simply needs more time to prepare my dear” Dumbledore spoke kindly his eyes glistening with some kind if hidden secret that he obviously wasn’t about to reveal any time soon. His hand let go of Bel’s face as he scanned the room to see what she had been graced with in the way of gifts this Christmas. He easily spotted a rather elegant looking perch that he himself had gifted the young professor with a fiery looking phoenix perched atop of the gift cleaning its long bright feathers. He smiled remembering how he had mistaken Felix for his own phoenix Fawkes until he had noticed Felix was a little smaller but no less magnificent than his own bird. Next he noticed the bound books on her bed side table stacked neatly the tag with the deputy head mistresses’ handwriting on it placed beside the beat stack probably so Bel knew who to find thank you notes to. It wasn’t uncommon for Bel to get books it was noticeable as Albus scanned the room with his light blue eyes a small cheery chuckle escaping him at the amount of labels that were placed beside or on top of or inside books. Finally Dumbledore’s eyes landed on a rather generous pile of chocolate stacked on top of a leather bound photo album the front of which had a photo of Bel in her younger years as a student between between a young Remus Lupin and James Potter  with Sirius Black at their feet. They weren’t particularly doing anything wrong in that moment just joking and laughing with each other before smiling at the camera with cheesy innocent grins. Not long after the photo gad been taken a the girl Bel gad shared a room with in Ravenclaw tower had rushed past too quickly and fallen over Sirius resulting in another bad pick up line from him. Bel never forgave her brother properly for breaking her room mates heart she had to deal with the whining of heartbreak all the time. “I see Remus did something special for you again” Dumbledore peered over his glasses at Bel giving her a knowing look before turning on his heal to leave, leaving the brown haired witch a little flustered by his words. Looking at the cup on the table still steaming Bel sighed knowing the tea was still too hot to drink and stepped around her bed. At first she had planned to flick through the photo album when the large unsealed box got the better of her curiosity. She let her fingers gently glide over the top of the box her hand landing on the note taped to the top of the box with her nickname scrawled across the envelope. With a quick tug, Bel took the note from the top of the box tearing the envelope open reading the scrappy handwriting with care.
‘My dearest Moonsong. I hope you are well my dear sister. Remus says you have been feeling lonely lately and this year for you is seemingly more trying for you than last year in a way. Just know that both Remus and I will always be there for you no matter what and never forget that if anyone gives you too much Greif I can turn onto a dog and bite their leg off. 
Now before you go and get annoyed at me for buying you this. Can I just say Happy Christmas. Also you need to stop sulking in that room of yours, get out  there tonight and just blow everyone away. I know you have a princess in you somewhere even if your too modest to admit it. Tonight i want you to put the books down dress up and show Hogwarts what you have and most importantly have a bit of fun. 
Now I know your not into big dressy things unlike me. That’s why I asked Molly to find this for you. And before you start whining no you cant just show up to a ball In a summer dress or jeans and a nice top so just deal with it for one night please. Ohh and I’ve been sworn to secrecy but good luck Moonsong and whatever happens you have my full approval. 

Have a fabulous night and know that a miss you and your books being launched at my head  and I guess I love you but don’t tell anyone I ever said that its embarrassing. I know the reeling us mutual. All the best my sweet Moonsong.
Your Padfoot’

Bel read the letter with a small smile laughing at the little inside jokes. It was strange how a simple letter comforted her. Sirius wouldn’t write to Bel as much as Remus probably in fear of being found but the letters and gifts from both would always make her feel better though the long school year. She set the letter down her blue eyes now back in the box as she lifted the lid off the box setting that aside first she saw a pair of simple blue high healed shoes with a simple bow sat on the front the shoes sat on top of a layer of lightly coloured tissue paper. Bel pulled the shows out the box inspecting shoes slightly taken aback by her brothers gesture. She carefully placed the shows on the bed before removing the layer of tissue paper the dress in the box unfolding itself and floating before her showing its full detail. Bel was thankful Molly had picked out her dress it was simple and elegant royal blue colour with a long chiffon skirt to it which flowed gently to the floor. The bodice of the dress was decorated simply with a mixture of thick and thin swirls of white. Still not sure how to feel about the approaching events of the day, Bel pulled her wand from the jacket she was wearing waving the dress over to the wardrobe the dress hanging itself gently on the outside of the wardrobe. The brown haired witch finally stuffed the tissue paper back onto the large empty box tucking it under her bed before drinking the lukewarm cup of tea on the small round table in tbe window and picking up her book finally leaving her quarters for lunch.

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