Suicide Mystery!

This book is about a Detective name Lisa, who help solve crimes in her school. But until the day she moves to a new school there was a crime waiting for her in her seconds day of school! There was a girl that has died because she was struggling with bullying, and eventually killed herself. But all the peoples in Lisa's school think she died because of suicide even the police thought of that too. However, Lisa did not think she actually kills herself. Lisa needs to uncover the truth, for the sake of everyone. Did the girl commit suicide? Or was there something else going on?


6. N/A

“Hey guys this is not the story but I just want to tell that I been off with the story line how Hannah friend die and Lisa need to find out how and why. And haven't been talking about the point of this mystery yet. But I wanted to introduce you to the peoples/Main peoples in this story first! On chapters 7 or 8 will be the intro for the DETECTIVE! Or DETECTIVES!”


If you had problem with it, it's okay I completely understood and will not be mad at you. But if you will forgive me then thank you so much! I love you all.



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