Suicide Mystery!

This book is about a Detective name Lisa, who help solve crimes in her school. But until the day she moves to a new school there was a crime waiting for her in her seconds day of school! There was a girl that has died because she was struggling with bullying, and eventually killed herself. But all the peoples in Lisa's school think she died because of suicide even the police thought of that too. However, Lisa did not think she actually kills herself. Lisa needs to uncover the truth, for the sake of everyone. Did the girl commit suicide? Or was there something else going on?


3. Chapter three

Lisa P.O. V

I was very worried about her even though we have just met.

Lisa: Hey, my name is Lisa what's your?

Hannah: Are you for real!

She said that to me in her angry voice but did not face me. I was so confuse why she said “Are you for real” so I stopped and not talk to her.

Hannah: Hey my name is Hannah, I'm sorry... I'm in a very bad mood right now. Please forgive me, please.

I nodded at her with a smile and she looked at me and smile at me to.

Lisa: So why were you crying Hannah?

Hannah P.O. V

I stay quiet for a little bit, because I'm not sure if she one of the meanies that are mean to me. But I looked at her eyes and could see she was very worried and wanted to help me.

Hannah: M... M... My best friend have died, she gone!

I really don't want to tell her but I got to, she was very sad when I said that. 

Lisa: I'm sorry for asking Hannah

Lisa P.O. V

Why do I felt so guilty for asking her. Like if I see someone cry then that mean there sad and don't want to talk about it. Hannah cry and she was in my shoulder crying.

Hannah: Hey do you know the meanies?

I was so surprised when she said "Meanies" 

Lisa: No.

She sign.

Hannah: Wow I bet your new here

She smiles. I smile too

Lisa: Yeah but who's the meanies? And can you tell me about your friend? How did she die?

I know she will cry again but badly the bus was at the school and I get off and Hannah get off to and look at me and come up to me and said something in my ear.

Hannah: Hope you can? :) 

Lisa: I will 1st hour? 

Hannah: Yeah

Just then a guy went up to us and said "Can you two moves we want to got to school to, you two are dummies!" I was so mad and walk to him and wanted to punch him in the face but I didn't because Hannah hold my arm and said something in my ear. So I gave the boy the mean look and walked away with Hannah. 


Questions: What did Hannah say to Lisa ear? Who was that guy? Why won't Hannah let Lisa punch him?




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