Suicide Mystery!

This book is about a Detective name Lisa, who help solve crimes in her school. But until the day she moves to a new school there was a crime waiting for her in her seconds day of school! There was a girl that has died because she was struggling with bullying, and eventually killed herself. But all the peoples in Lisa's school think she died because of suicide even the police thought of that too. However, Lisa did not think she actually kills herself. Lisa needs to uncover the truth, for the sake of everyone. Did the girl commit suicide? Or was there something else going on?


7. Chapter seven

I was scare what she told me because when she said it, she was scare to death! This was what she said. I was quite when she said that, we didn't talk during that because she knew I was scare too.

In class

Hannah: Lisa, are you sure you want to know

She said that very creepy. At that point I was very scare because she said that so creepy. I nodded. she frown. 

Hannah: I will tell you at lunch 

I was so mad because I waited so long just for this! Like I was waiting since during the bus ride. 

Lisa: Oh come on! Why do I have to wait for that long, AGIAN! 

(In class) Hannah P.O. V

I really wanted not to tell her but I guess I had to, wish me luck god. Here I goes telling Lisa the truth, the stress, the pain, and the sadness.


Question(s): Why is Hannah so scared? What do she mean by "the truth, the stress, the pain, and the sadness"? What did Hannah tell Lisa? 


N/A: Sorry if it's short, I been trying to make it longer but can't because of school work. For an apologies I will make the next chapter LONGER! I love you guys!


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