Suicide Mystery!

This book is about a Detective name Lisa, who help solve crimes in her school. But until the day she moves to a new school there was a crime waiting for her in her seconds day of school! There was a girl that has died because she was struggling with bullying, and eventually killed herself. But all the peoples in Lisa's school think she died because of suicide even the police thought of that too. However, Lisa did not think she actually kills herself. Lisa needs to uncover the truth, for the sake of everyone. Did the girl commit suicide? Or was there something else going on?


4. Chapter four

It was 15 minutes later when I talk to Hannah. I was in foundation thinking what Hannah said to me.

15 minutes earlier

Hannah come up and said something in my ear, this is what she said "Meet me in 2nd hour before class" And when I was going to punch that guy and Hannah hold me and not let me punch him she said "Don't hit him please" "I will tell you who he is to me" and we left.


Hannah P.O. V

I can't believe my friend have died, I really want Lisa to meet me after 1st hour. I want to explain to her that I been bully and my friend been bully to death. But I didn't want to tell Lisa that guy. 

After class! 

Lisa P.O. V

I was so happy to meet Hannah and that class was boring. I saw her walked down the stair and I went up to her and saw that there was two girls walking with her. I went to her and what I heard was not good. 

Hannah: Stop!

Mean girl: Stop crying baby, Hahah! 

I went up to that mean girl and yell at her.

Lisa: Stop it you meanie! This is the reason why you don't have a boyfriend! 

Well I'm not sure if she had a boyfriend but she act like this, which means she doesn't?

Meanies P.O. V 

I was very mad at that ugly girl that don't even know how to acts. So I slap her in the face she drops her stuff because I slap her so hard and she almost cry but didn't. I really want to see her cries and make a big fun if it. 

Mean girl: Hahaha! I bet your new here that why you said that. Haha! My name is Stacy, Not NICE TO KNOW YOU! And remember, if you ever tell the teacher that I did this you will DIE like Hannah FRIEND! 

I go off with this cute guy and my friends. I turned my head half way through the hall and see that she was picking her stuff and saw that there was a teacher. 

Teacher: What happen? Lisa I'm sorry there were was a lot of people blocking the way. 

"Oh her named is Lisa" I think to my head and walked to my next class. 


Questions: What will happen next? Will Lisa and Hannah talk about the "Meanies" and about her dead friend? 



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