Suicide Mystery!

This book is about a Detective name Lisa, who help solve crimes in her school. But until the day she moves to a new school there was a crime waiting for her in her seconds day of school! There was a girl that has died because she was struggling with bullying, and eventually killed herself. But all the peoples in Lisa's school think she died because of suicide even the police thought of that too. However, Lisa did not think she actually kills herself. Lisa needs to uncover the truth, for the sake of everyone. Did the girl commit suicide? Or was there something else going on?


5. Chapter five

Hannah P.O. V


I felt to bad for not helping her because I really can't help Lisa when Stacy around. And felt to bad for not warning her or make a sign not to mess with her. I saw Lisa picking her stuff and stand up and talk to the teacher.

Lisa P.O. V

I don't get it, who's Stacy? Why are many peoples scare of her and why can't the teacher catch on and not know it's Stacy! And lastly why don't my friend Hannah help me? Or is she not my friend? I heard a teacher said my name and answer her.

Teacher: Sweetie are you okay? 

I replied with a nodded and ran back to my classroom and didn't even talk to my "Friend" Hannah. I'm so mad at her that I can't forgive her. In my second class I have Hannah in my class and I'm actually I'm very happy that she in my class even thought she didn't help me. 


We sat next to each other and talk to each other, than I ask her about her dead friend and what she said is not what I think she will say.

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