Ellen has another daughter?!?!?! -Dean Winchester Love Story-

Annabelle, or Anna as she was called by her family, is 22 years old. She left when she was 18 to become a lawyer. Until she gets a phone call from her sister, Jo. Her sister begged Anna to come back and be a huntress again. Yes, huntress. That's the reason she left. What will happen when she comes back and meets 2 hunters? What will happen when she falls in love Dean like Jo did? How will she take it? What will happen?


1. Who the fuck are you guys, anyway?

Annabelle's P.O.V

6:00 P.M. I sigh as I get out of my 1967 Chevy Impala(car:https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/30/b5/bb/30b5bbda8df6941da473e3a474e879f7.jpg; look it up. There will be more of these later in the story. And btw it isn't Dean's Impala. Her car is better looking. And hers is in red.). I walk up to the hotel and to the front desk. I take my fake ID out along with $150. "One room please, king size bed." I mumble as I rub my face with my free hand. The clerk looks at my fake ID then me. "Tanisha Hampton, huh? 2 guys came in with the same last name two hours ago." He says. I look at him. "What were the names?" I ask. Mom only said that Jo and I were supposed to use it. "John Hampton and Noah Hampton." He replies. I tense when I realize those are the names my partners, James and Chris used. But they died 3 months before I came back home. Who's using them now? "Can you describe how they look?" I ask and he nods. Have to make sure their bodies aren't meat suits. They told me when shit went down, to burn their bodies. So I gave them a proper hunter burial. "Yeah, John was near your height, couple inches taller, green eyes, dirty blonde hair, wore a leather jacket, black flannel shirt, white t-shirt underneath, jeans, and black boots. Noah was like the height of a moose. Had long brown hair that stopped at the shoulders, brown eyes, grey jacket, red flannel, grey t-shirt, jeans, and brown boots." The clerk describes as he tries to remember more.

I tense when I realize that those are the Winchester brothers. Mom told me about then when Jo brought me back. It's been 2 months since I went home. I told her to call me if anything. "Okay, give me a room next to them." I demand. The clerk nods and hands me a key. I take it and sling my duffle bag over my shoulder. I nod and take my ID. I walk down the hall and see room 15. I look at room 16 and hear noises. Must be the Winchesters. I unlock my hotel room and walk in. I put the 'DO NOT DISTURB' card thing on the door knob. I close it behind me and lock it, putting the chain on. I walk to the table and put my duffle bag down. I get my USP .45, .44 Magnum, M9, Desert Eagle, PP2000, G18, M93 Raffica, TMP, SPAS-12, AA-12, M1014, SIG550 Assault Rifle, SWAT HK Machine Gun, AK-74 with Grenade Launcher, Bravo Squad Assault Rifle, Command Assault Rifle, 50 cal Sniper Rifle, Barrel .50 cal, AK-47, Intervention, and M16A4. Yes, I have a lot of guns. I need to fix my trunk again. "Shit." I mumble when I see how worn and dirty they look. I get a rag and start cleaning my guns

6:30 P.M. As I am almost done cleaning my guns, I hear voices in the hall. I put my AK-47 down and get my Desert Eagle. Yes, it's gold. I quietly walk to my door and look out the peep hole. "Hey, Sammy. Did you hear anyone walk into this room?" Dean asks him. "No, why?" Sam answers. "Just asking. There's a 'DO NOT DISTURB' sign on it." Dean tells him as he bangs on my room. I quietly run to my bed and put my guns back. It's alot but I can carry almost half a ton. "Hello? Anyone here?" Dean hollers from the front door. I put my duffle bag back on the table and turn the TV on. I put it on a low volume and put the Desert Eagle in the back of my jeans, right on the bottom of my spine. I get my knife holster and strap it to my right thigh. I walk to the door and turn the lights off. I unlock the bottom lock and open it, the chain stopping it from opening it more than a crack.

I stare at them. "Can I help you with something?" I snap. "No, we were just leaving." Sam tells me nicely. "Who the fuck are you guys, anyway?" I ask. "John and Noah Hampton." Dean lies. I smirk. "Who the fuck are you?" Dean fires back. "I'm Tanisha Hampton."I say, emphasis on the name 'Hampton'. "What's your real name?" Dean asks me. I close the door and take the chain off. I open it fully and put my hands on my hips. "Tell me you two don't remember bumping into me?" I ask as Sam looks at my outfit (outfit:https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/88/d5/ae/88d5ae47d31541e7b676b4789c11a510.jpg). "Anna?" Sam mumbles. I smile. "There you go. Now bye!" I say sarcastically as I slam the door shut, only to be kicked open by Dean. I stumble back and take my gun out from behind my back.

Sam puts his hands up as Dean takes out an .44 Magnum out from behind his jeans. "Anna, put the gun down." Sam says as he walks over to me slowly. I take my second Desert Eagle out and point it at him. "Don't you even dare, Sam." I sneer. "What is wrong with you? In college, you were so nice and sweet and caring. What happened to the old Annabelle?" Sam asks me. "She was long gone when she heard a vampire came and attacked her own sister." I snap. "Who's your sister?" Dean asks, confused. I can't help but laugh. "You are so delusional. Didn't you ever see a girl around Ellen and Jo when you two were at her bar?" I ask. "Wait, you were the sexy mysterious girl in the bar?" Dean asks me. "That's right. Now leave my room of I will yell rape." I snap.

6:45 P.M. Sam walks over to me and I raise an eyebrow at him. "You seriously want to get shot, Sam?" I ask as I take the safety off the Desert Eagle in my left hand. "No, but you know how Chris would feel if he saw you pointing a gun at a friend from college who is a hunter like him." Sam says and I tense. "How would you remember him when you were all around his sister? I mean, Jess was cute and all but I have to say that you would have been better with a brunette than her." I snap. I dated Chris in college and when I became a hunter again, so did Chris. His sister, Jess, was with Sam at the time so the four of us did everything together until Jo came to Chris and I's apartment. "You don't know the half of it." Sam snaps. I laugh and walk back. "How can't I when Chris told me everything his sis told him?" I say, laughing.

Are men this stupid?


Hey guys! First book I have ever published on here. If you go on Wattpad and look up Mrs. Dell, follow me there bc I have more books on there. But Wattpad has been messing up and never updates my stories. I will update when I can on here and there.

Natalia out!

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