falling skies love story

When captain weaver returns with a 16 year old girl named stellar ben Instantly falls in love with her . But after the skitter attack ben must rescue her if her really loves her


2. New Start



 Stellar's POV

They brought me back to a community a town a name I can't  remember I met a cute boy I think he said his name was Ben he was gorgeous he had a perfect jaw line.  I met a woman named Ann she is the doctor he she showed to a room where there was two beds a navy blue bed that looked like it belong to a older boy and a lilac colored bed " you'll be staying with Ben for a while until a room comes available" , Ok i said , And sat my thing on the bed. ¨ Hi did Ann show you around ¨ ,yes i said quietly.  Excuse me i have to go see my sister and she how she is doing .  ¨STELLAR ¨,she shouted very happily. Tom and Ann said I can share a room with Max how awesome ¨ , Yah i said go get changed its almost time for dinner. OK she said and skipped off i ran back to the room to get changed B en was in there with Denny . Sorry to Interrupt Im going to get changed .  I grabbed black skinny jeans  and and a navy top and walked out.  When i got to dinner I met a guy Named Pope i think he was hitting on me I saw Ben enter the room with Denny. They grabbed there meals and joined the table.  When the sat down i got up and went to sit with Hal , Maggie , Tom , Pilar and Ann. They followed behind me. Ben sat down right next to me i hurried up and finished eating. Me and Pilar went to my room.   We were playing the memory game when Ben came in He said Hi to pilar . 



Ben´s POV


I don´t see why I have to share a room with her she is beautiful but Im dating Denny.  Her little sister is adorable and callś my beenny.  At dinner she moved away when we sat down i dont think she likes me she rolls her eyes everytime i come near her.  When i came to the room Pilar was in there they were playing a game.  When pilar left we went to bed I asked what do you have on me what did i do to you she just ignored me . I have issues she said . oh well goodnight  just then Pilar came running in crying Stellar im scared why  I saw I  huge green spider I got up to get my boots and gun . Stay here i said iĺl be back . 

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