falling skies love story

When captain weaver returns with a 16 year old girl named stellar ben Instantly falls in love with her . But after the skitter attack ben must rescue her if her really loves her


1. the begining

 I was running  from a skitter when i saw a group of men they weren't harnessed so i walk up to them and they inspected me.  They made sure i wasn't one of them  one boy around my age had spikes where he had been harnessed . He was cute the one in the lead said hi my name is  tom i am leader and these are my son's Hal , Ben , and  Matt .  Hi im stellar  ward i was at camp in Illinois but after the planes invaded we had to leave.  My parents and all the other died except me and my sister shes back at our tent.  I carefully showed them my four year  old sister  pilar.   As we walked back to Charleston  Ben asked me why are names sound like space .  " Our parent's  were astronomers they loved space so when i was born i was named stellar nova and my sisters name is  pilar venus.   When we arrived at Charelston they told me i had to share a room with ben different beds same room.  Pilar is staying with tom and ann until she gets better.                  


      This what ben looks like


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