The Tragedy of Persephone and Hades

How did it really happen with Persephone and Hades?


1. Chapter 1

    "For the last time, no!" Demeter exclaimed feverishly as she rose from her throne of woven twigs and leaves. "When is Hades going to get it through that head of his?! He is never going to marry Persephone, not while I have any say in it!"

    "Well you don't have any say in it," Zeus' voice boomed through the chamber. He remained seated on his throne of crackling lightning.

    "What do you mean?" Demeter's voice got high and shrill. She glanced at Hades - the first time she had acknowledged he was in the room - in fear. Not in fear of him but in fear of losing Persephone

    "Hades is taking Persephone with him to the Underworld."

    "Zeus! She is our daughter!" If possible, Demeter's voice got higher and more shrill.

    "Demeter," the soft voice of Aphrodite chimed in. "If it helps, I can really tell Hades loves her." Demeter wheeled around.

    "I don't care if he loves her, he is not taking my daughter to the Underworld." She growled. I'm pretty sure if her face was any more red, it would've caught fire.

    "Demeter-" Hades started.

    "Don't! I can't even look at you right now!" Demeter roared.

    "Demeter, you don't have a choice. Stop fighting it," Ares grumbled. "I have better things to do than listen to you guys argue."

    "Like what, Ares? Go mess around with a married woman?" Demeter challenged. Aphrodite got red in the face and looked down at her hands while Ares looked like he was ready to explode from anger. He stood up from his sleek black throne roughly as Zeus' voice boomed out again.

    "Enough! Persephone is going with Hades and that is my final word. Demeter, I suggest you control your temper or you'll have me to answer to."  Demeter glared at Zeus, debating whether she should challenge him or not. Deciding against it, she stormed out of the room.

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