Skyward (Re-Write)

Zena, newly created from an explosion of fire that burned down a good bit of forest. Tries to discover who she is and why she is called a "Guardian". With god like powers she has to learn to control them or otherwise it would surely mean death. Not only to her, but to the people she has grown to love.


8. Chapter 8

They had walked the perimeter of the camp. And found a tall tree that Anil was already climbing.

“At time you can be terribly predictable, you know that?” Zena noted as she followed him up the rungs of the branches. She also noted how graceful he looked climbing the branches. It took concentration and skill to be able to climb as fast as he did without a single falter in his task.

“What do you mean by that?” Anil asked as they both reached the top of the tree and found their own spaces to nestle their bodies into. The sun was almost gone and the stars were shining brilliantly. The moon was only showing half of its rounded features tonight, making the stars stick out even more. Zena noted how she liked it more that way. The moon was still there to look at but it was not bright enough to take the spotlight away from the stars.

“You asking me to come check around the camp with you. I could tell right away that you wanted to talk.” She commented, picking at a leaf on one of the branches.

“I wasn’t trying to hide wanting to talk.” Anil explained, “If I wanted to be alone I wouldn’t have asked you to come with me.”

Zena nodded, “I know.” She looked away from him and up at the stars once more. A cool spring breeze tickled her face as it blew her dirty blonde hair into her face and neck.

This was one thing that Anil was always good at, picking a good spot to sit and talk. If things ever got too intense and either of them needed a moment they could look out at the sky or the forest around them. It always seemed to relax Anil and her if they ever got mad or frustrated.

“I have a hunch that you also have a lot on your mind.” Anil guessed, pulling her from her thoughts and mindless stare out on the landscape.

“Yeah I do, but you go first, I can wait.” Zena told him and he nodded.

“I heard what you said when you and Sneh were talking. I was touched by what you said and how you stood up for us.” Anil said, picking at a few leaves on the branch near him.

“Well, it’s the truth. You guys are my family. Did you really think I would throw all that away just because Sneh had some doubts?” Zena asked him firmly.

Anil shrugged, “This is a really big world that we live in. There are probably lots of different people we don’t know about or even knew existed,” He told her, “Sometimes the human mind hungers for a change of pace, the thought of exploring the unknown and doing new things. So who knows, maybe you would have left to find your own path in the world.” He finished, looking over to her while he spoke and then looking back out onto the sky.

Zena snorted, “No that wouldn’t happen.” She concluded quickly. “What happened when Tvorca called you into the tent anyways?” Zena asked, changing the subject. “Kai figured that it was because you and her share a similar power.” She explained.

“Don’t think I don’t see that you’re trying to change the subject.” Anil narrowed his eyes at her, “It’s okay to admit that you would miss us a lot.” He laughed, “Anyhow. Kai isn’t wrong in saying it was because we share a similar power. Tvorca asked me rather than you or Kai because of that.” Anil paused and shook his head. “All I can say is that even though we share similar powers that does not mean we will immediately get along.” He stated, putting one of his hands to his face.

“Uh, oh. What do you mean by that?” Zena commented, scooting herself to give him her full attention.

Anil rolled his eyes. “Like, yeah I am able to sense her better because we have similar abilities, I probably wouldn’t have noticed her in the woods earlier today otherwise. But I don’t think her and I will get along at all.” Anil told her. “And I’ve been around long enough to know what a pull of a bond feels like and that will never happen between her and I.” He finished, a bit of anger in his voice.

Zena raised an eyebrow at him, “Did it really not go that well?”

“It went fine but she is nothing like me. We argued over almost everything that we talked about in the tent. I thought she was being too uptight and she thought I was being cold towards her because she was new. I didn’t even care that she was new!” Anil exclaimed, getting a little more upset. “Then she decided to take a low blow and say that the way I act and dress is pathetic and dumb when she got mad at me.” Anil pouted.

She couldn’t help but chuckle a little when he said she made fun of what he wore. Anil prided himself in his day to day attire and the way he cut and styled his hair. It was so like him to get upset by someone insulting his work. She also was touched that he would time and time again, let her see the real him. She felt a little honored that she knew these sides of him during their talks.

“Anil?” Zena spoke up.

“Yeah?” He answered back.

“You don’t think Kai and I are meant to bond right?” She asked suddenly. She watched as he went wide eyed and looked like he was about to fall out of the tree.

“You? Kai? Bonds? No way, Kai needs someone who will actually make him work and be able to put up with his remarks all the time.” Anil said with a light hearted chuckle.

“I’m serious Anil!” Zena told him. He stopped laughing and let his face relax again.

“I know Ze, and I can tell you’re distressed about it. That’s why I tried to be more sarcastic in my response.” Anil smiled warmly. He paused for a moment, looking her over and then looking back into her eyes to finish what he wanted to say.

“You know, just because there is that whole theory of matching powers being more likely to bond, doesn’t mean that you and Kai are automatically supposed to bond.” Anil spoke with calmness in his voice. A calm that could soothe her even in her worst times it seemed. “I have a feeling that I will even have a hard time being Sneh’s friend if we keep acting how we are. Even if I can sense her better than others, there is not a chance in a million years that her and I would bond.” Anil stated, trying to reassure her.

Zena nodded even though she knew that Anil was no longer looking at her. A part of her knew that he understood that she got was he was saying too.

They hung out enough that Anil was pretty good at reading her, and also being able to know when she understood what he was trying to get across or not. The same went for her though, she felt as if she had known Anil his whole life and had great respect for him as a person.

“Is Tvorca’s bond the same power as him?” Zena questioned him, breaking the silence.

Anil gave a small snort and shook his head, “No, not at all actually. He is a Guardian of mainly Earth powers and his bond, Vida, is a Guardian of mainly Water powers.” He explained. She let her eye widen in surprise as he finished his sentence. They were complete opposites when it came to a nature standpoint.

“How is that even possible? They should not get along at all!” Zena protested, “How could they even get close to bonding when there is such a high chance of them fighting?”

“Well, they actually hated one another at first. Tvorca would mess up her oceans with islands and great masses of land. Vida would mess up his land by filling them with lakes, streams, and rivers.” Anil laughed softly, “Eventually they came to terms with the fact that the world needed both things equally to thrive and grow. So they began to work together until they both ended up falling in love with one another. I think it is because they finally saw the beauty in each others powers. They ended up bonding not long after that.”

Zena couldn’t help but giggle a little bit and blush, “That’s cheesy as hell.”

“Yeah, cheesy as hell but one hundred percent true.” Anil added, laughing with her. He stood up from his perch and hung onto the branch next to him, giving it all his weight and knowing it would take it. “So, you want to head back? I’m feeling a lot better now.” He asked her.

She shook her head at his invitation, “No, this will probably be the last night we have left for camping out.” She looked to him. “I want to enjoy the view and hanging out with you one more time before we reach home.”

He smiled and leaned over to pat her on the head, “You know, there are still lots of places we can hang out at back home. Just because we won’t be travelling anymore doesn’t mean that we can’t still have nights like this.” He told her calmly. Anil sat back down in his little nook on the tree before looking back to her, “We can stay out here though, I don’t mind just hanging out with you.” Anil finished.

Zena turned to him suddenly and stared directly into his eyes. “When we get there, will we still be friends? Will I still see you everyday?” She asked him, quickly filled with fear and anxiety over the thought that she may be alone again once they got to their home. What if Anil and Kai, or even Sneh stopped having time for her?

“Ze, that will never happen. I promise you that. I’ll always have time for you okay?” He reassured her, “Plus, we will practically be neighbors. All the Guardians live next to one another. Not to mention you will still be training with me.” He smiled, “You’ll be okay.”

She nodded even though her feelings were still there. God, she hoped she really would be fine.



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