Skyward (Re-Write)

Zena, newly created from an explosion of fire that burned down a good bit of forest. Tries to discover who she is and why she is called a "Guardian". With god like powers she has to learn to control them or otherwise it would surely mean death. Not only to her, but to the people she has grown to love.


7. Chapter 7

Even though the meeting went okay Anil still never showed up on the walk back. Zena had hoped he would have, to be honest. He could have put her at ease and gave them all something to talk about. Right now, Zena was still mad and offended by Sneh’s words and the fire inside her was a blazing inferno, that no matter how hard she tried to extinguish, wouldn’t budge. Her powers burning inside of her only made her think more and more on the chance that Sneh may bring harm to her family and friends which only made things worse.

    Zena gave a silent thanks as they reached the clearing to her camp just in time. That was one thing that Zena was told she would need to learn to work on. Being created of fire she, and also Kai, could have temperament issues if they never learned how to control it. Their fire seemed to almost feed off of any emotion they were feeling and grew from it. Zena remembered back to a time when Kai had playfully pushed her into one of the creeks near their camp and without even giving it a second thought, blasted him into a tree with an explosion of fire.

    She couldn’t forgive herself for weeks even though she had caused no real harm to Kai. That was also another thing that she thought was insane. The fact that she had let an explosion of fire loose from her hands and shot Kai several feet away, only to be stopped by the hard wood of a tree and yet he was not harmed. Once they really got into training it seemed like almost nothing could really hurt them. Of course, they could always feel the pain of everything done to them but it was almost as if their bones were stronger than normal.

She let her thoughts trail off as she gave a small wave to Tvorca who sat on a log next to the fire. She knew he could sense her fire burning within her and his eyes gave a warning to control her emotions like they had taught her. If she didn’t know him as well as she did Zena would say that Tvorca almost looked extra intimidating than usual as the light from the fire gave more depth to his face and casted shadows in slopes on his body. Zena figured it was a double edged sword that Tvorca could practically see what they were all feeling through their power. On one hand it was good because he could easily defuse a situation or calm one of them down. On the bad side, it also meant that emotionally he could see pretty much what they were feeling. With just a read of our body language and faces combined with if our powers were flaring up he was almost spot on every single time with how we felt.

Anil also gave her a small wave to which she did not wave back. She wanted to, but she was more focused on trying to calm herself down. Plus, she was still kind of mad at him that she had to make that walk with Sneh who never even said a word which made it seem like she was almost walking by herself.

“Kai, Tvorca, Anil, this is Sneh and she was wondering if she could join our group.” Zena stated as Tvorca gave a smile and stood up from the log by the fire.

“Sneh, is it? Zena and Anil told me you and I was hoping you would choose to come back with Zena.” Tvorca explained as he approached her and shook her hand. Zena looked her over and saw that Sneh was looking a tad nervous. Maybe even in awe too? Either way Zena guessed this was probably close to the same look she had given him when they first met.

“If you don’t mind I would like to talk to you personally to get a feel on if you would fit well with us or not.”

“No problem, thank you for giving me this opportunity.” Sneh replied as normal as possible, even though her body seemed to be a bit stiff. Zena guess that it was most likely due to Tvorca’s air about him, always seeming to give off authority.

“Anil, would you come with us for this? Since you and her both share a same power somewhat.” Tvorca asked.

“Sure.” Anil shrugged and got up, shooting a look back to Zena that read, ‘I’ll talk to you later.

Sneh, Tvorca, and Anil all disappeared behind the flap of Tvorca’s tent soon after and Zena plopped down next to Kai, setting the bag of food that Sneh had given them on the ground.

“So Anny said that you looked like you were gonna fight her. Is that true?” Kai immediately grilled her in a slight whisper. Kai seemed to have a way of always being nosey.

“She tried to make me doubt you guys, I got mad that she would even think to say something like that.” Zena told him, “So in a way, yeah, I was gearing up to fight her.” She whispered back. She couldn’t really blame him for asking, she was nosey too. Which in turn, did get them in trouble because of their curiosity.

“Ha. I would have done the same, good for you, way to stand up for us.” Kai grinned as they both gossiped back and forth.

“Do you think that Tvorca will let her in?” She questioned.

Kai grabbed the bag of food and took out what looked to be the meat of a rabbit. It was cleaned almost perfectly and Sneh had wrapped it up back in it’s hide. Looking over it she had preserved it with frost. Kai unwrapped the meat from the hide and in a flash consumed it in flame. Just as she had preserved the meat perfectly, Kai had cooked it to perfection with his own powers and now it was just waiting to be eaten. He pulled a piece off and offered it to her. She took it from him and they both began eating. The food was sweet and almost melted in her mouth as she loved Kai’s cooking. Whenever it was his turn to cook dinner she would more or less fast for the entire day, just so that she could eat more of the food Kai made.

“Probably, Tvorca is a big softie towards almost everything. Especially if they are a Guardian.” Kai told her as he ate away at the rabbit.

“You could have fooled me. He never seems like a softie to anything.” She said in disbelief.

“Well, he’s strict and tough. He’s got a good head on his shoulders. He usually is good at telling if someone has good intentions or not. So, since he didn’t attack her as soon as you two entered the camp he must like her somewhat already.” Kai explained, she nodded in agreement.

“Why did he have Anil go in to talk with her then? Why does it matter if they share the same power?” Zena asked.

“There’s a theory, though it’s not proven, that Guardians that share similar powers or have the same power are better at understanding one another and can feel another’s presence easier.” Kai explained with a smirk as he nudged Zena, “So we’re like connected more since we both share fire powers.”

She made a slight snort and chuckle as he wiggled an eyebrow at her. She pushed him playfully away and he puffed out his lip. She could see how that theory could be somewhat true. The better she got with her powers, the more she felt she could understand Kai. If the theory was true, would that mean the more she learned about her powers the closer Kai and her would be?

And how would that affect their relationship? Zena pondered. Would that mean they became more alike? Or would they get some cool power like telepathy? She really had no clue what could happen with them but another thought sprung into her head that made her blush and look away from Kai.

What if that meant they were more likely to bond?

Bonding was something Tvorca had told her about once, and man was it awkward. She guessed this was almost similar to when parents told their kids about the birds and the bees and she wanted to get out of the topic as soon as he told her about it. He explained how Guardians were similar to red-tailed hawks, wolves, bald eagles, and black vultures. Being that once a Guardian found their ‘mate’ they would mate for life. They had a slight advantage though as they would feel a pull or possessiveness over someone who was bound to be their bond. He guessed this was because of their already protective nature. Bonding with another Guardian would only increase that need to be protective of their bond in a way that would make both willing to protect one another for survival and because of their strong feelings of compassion towards each other. A bonding pair would give up their lives for one another and would stick close to them. They could sense one another's presence and also Tvorca talked about how a bonded pair could communicate telepathically with one another.

Aside from the awkwardness that was their talk Zena thought about who Tvorca’s bond was and if she would meet him or her when they got to their home.

She was shocked now though for even thinking that Kai and her would bond. He was like her big brother, no way would that happen.

“Hey, you good?” Kai asked, waving a hand in front of her face, “You spaced out there for a minute.”

Zena gave a nervous chuckle, “Yeah, sorry, just a lot has happened today and I’m just mentally exhausted.” She told him. She was not about to tell him what she actually was thinking about.

“I get that. Anil told us before you showed up that Sneh said some really stupid stuff to you earlier. What did she all say even?” Kai asked, wanting to know even more about how the talk between her and Sneh went.

So anil was close enough to hear both Zena and Sneh, even though neither of them could see him or even hear him. She wondered what Anil thought of the talk he heard between them and if that was why he had gave her a look to talk about it later.

“Sneh was saying that I was wrong to trust you, Anil, and Tvorca just because I was created not that long ago.” Zena explained to him.

“Wait, what? Really?” Kai seemed shocked.

“Yeah, I guess. It made me pretty mad too. Like, who is she to tell me that you are all bad people and what I believe in is wrong?” Zena stated.

“Wow, I wonder why she would say stuff like that?” Kai pondered.

“What are you thinking?” She asked him as he had a hand on his chin.

“Well there is probably a reason that she would just automatically assume that every group she comes across is bad or have bad intentions, right? Maybe she joined a group before ours and they tried to hurt her or put her down because she was more powerful than them.” He told her.

She thought on his words for a bit. How many other groups were really out there? Were there other Guardians that had there own groups too?

“Do you think there are other groups out there with dangerous people? Or other Guardians?” She questioned him. Kai started to speak up but he was cut short by the sound of the tent flap opening back up and Sneh, Tvorca, and Anil all stepping out and coming towards them.

Zena sort of expected Anil and Sneh to be close to one another since Tvorca had made a point to include him in their talk. Not only that but they shared a similar power. Shouldn’t that mean they automatically got along better?

From what she could see though they were nowhere near ‘buddy buddy’ like Kai and her were. They weren’t even near one another. They both stood on either side of Tvorca and Anil had a face that looked bored and glad to be out of the tent. Sneh looked almost disappointed that Anil and her shared a similar power. The air was tense around them now and Kai and Zena both looked at one another before looking back at them. Kai could feel it too and he let out a loud breath of air,

“So…. How’d it go?” He asked, breaking the silence. Zena knew that he was trying to disperse the obvious unease between all of them but he always managed to do it in the worst way possible. All he accomplished now was making the situation even more awkward. She gave him a look and a slight shove and he smirked at her in response. Kai knew what he was doing and he was not dawned the moment killer for nothing.

“It went good. Sneh agreed to travel with us the rest of the way to our home and we will train her more there.” Tvorca told them, completely unaware to the very clear and blatant uneasy air between all of them. This did not come as a shock though, as Tvorca rarely thought anything was weird or awkward. He only understood if anger or spite came soon after the uneasy silence.

“Yes… I, uh, think it would be good to stay with all of you in your group for the time being.” Sneh agreed, “Maybe not forever but until I figure some things out.”

Zena wondered what kind of things Sneh was talking about that she needed to work out. Maybe Kai was right in the assumption that Sneh had been in a group before theirs that was not good to her at all. The thought of anyone hurting Anil, Kai, Tvorca, and now Sneh only gave Zena feelings of anger and possessiveness.

If only we could have been there sooner to help her. Maybe she would be more trusting of us. Zena thought to herself.

“Ze,” Anil startet, “Before it gets too late do you want to take one last look around the camp?” Anil asked.

She could tell with how he asked he had more on his mind than he was letting on. He didn’t want to just ‘check the camp’, usually if he asked her to come with without telling her earlier in the day he had something on his mind. Anil often shared his thoughts with Zena and maybe that was why she cared about him as much as she did.

That, and she probably could write a book on how he felt about things and what was really going on with him. Tons of his secrets were locked away in her mind.

“Finally, I don’t have to do it tonight.” Kai yawned and made a point to stretch his arms out as well as his legs, “I’m beat.”

“You haven’t done anything all day!” Zena protested.

“Uh, excuse me, have you forgotten? I helped you with your laundry and that really took a toll out on my body.” Kai corrected her, turning his nose up in the air. She sighed loudly and rolled her eyes at him.

A new noise came to Zena’s ears as she turned to see Sneh laughing. Not like how she laughed when they met in the woods. That was a laugh of pity or a laugh when someone knew another was foolish.

No, this was a laugh that was genuine and best of all, she was laughing at them. This sparked hope in Zena’s heart that maybe Sneh would come to trust them more and they could really get to know who she was deep down.

“It probably is best that we all turn in early tonight, If we keep a good pace tomorrow we should be able to reach home by dinner.” He added.

Zena’s heart leapt in excitement. Finally, they would be home, the place she had heard numerous stories about and the place she had dreamed about for so long.

“Sneh, you can stay in Zena’s tent with her tonight. We figured in case you decided to come back with Zena we would set out a bed for you.” Tvorca explained to her with a small smile.

“Thank you, sir. I appreciate that.” Sneh smiled and gave a slight bow.

“Sneh, we are all family here now. I am far from being called a sir so, just call me Tvorca from now on.” He laughed and ruffled her hair.

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