Skyward (Re-Write)

Zena, newly created from an explosion of fire that burned down a good bit of forest. Tries to discover who she is and why she is called a "Guardian". With god like powers she has to learn to control them or otherwise it would surely mean death. Not only to her, but to the people she has grown to love.


3. Chapter 3


And apparently she was one of them? Why was it her who was ‘created’ as this title and granted these powers?

“What are Guardians? And why did you say that I was a Guardian of fire?” She implored, scrunching her face together trying to figure it all out in her head that made the most sense but it was hard. How could you figure out that you were created, not born, as something that had wings and powers you could control at your fingers? It made Zena’s head hurt again and her brain decided it was easier to just not talk about it.


“Guardians are… hmm,” Kai seemed confused as to how to explain it just as she was confused on how it made sense. “Guardians are people that are created or born with special powers. Really extreme and strong powers. Each time a Guardian is created they unleash some of their raw power. The certain event that follows the unleashing of that Guardians power usually is a reflection of what power they possess.” He nodded to himself. Figuring that was probably the best way he could explain it. Even if there was still some fog around it all and the still bothering question of why her was still there, but he did help clear up a good bit.

Overall, it was a lot to wrap her brain around but she sort of understood it. It also helped explain why fire shot out of her hand like a flamethrower earlier.


“So, I’m like a Guardian of fire or something?” She added.Kai smiled and nodded,

“Exactly, and so am I.” He boasted with a proud grin.

“Can there be more than one Guardian of things? Like how you and I have the same fire powers? And what kind of Guardians are all out there?” Zena asked and she noticed how she had a small smile too. Kai seemed to have contagious emotions as him being happy made her happy too. She liked how friendly he was being to her and how patient too.

“Well as far as we know you and I are the only Guardians that share fire. We have a feeling that here is another Guardian that shares part of Anil’s power but we haven’t met them yet or found them.” Kai told her, “and as far as we know there can be Guardians of anything really. They all have a purpose though. If they decide to help or hurt the planet is up to them though.” Kai smiled. “You sure do have a lot of questions.”

She puffed her lip out and furrowed her eyebrows at him. She thought he was here to help explain and answer her questions. And here he was making fun of her for having a good bit of them.

“You told me to ask all the questions I wanted. What do you expect I was going to do? I was just created today and I have no idea what is going on with anything.” She asserted.


The tent opened again and this time a large man with light chocolate skin and black hair that was styled in brains with a few beads intertwined walked in. Zena’s first thought was that he looked like some kind of native man the way he had dressed himself and how he had similar black tribal markings up and down his arms.

“Okay, last question. Who is that?” Zena gaped. His whole appearance and the air around him seemed powerful. Every muscle that was exposed made it known they had a purpose. He was intimidating and gave the impression he could move mountains if they were in his way. He, at first, made her feel no bigger than a ladybug the way his dark brown eyes studied her. She felt like he could read everything about her including her mind and instantly, she felt exposed.

“I can probably answer that for you.” The man spoke with a deep voice that sounded old as time, but also still young. He didn’t have the voice of an old man but he gave the impression that he had been around long enough to be an elder. “I’m Tvorca, you must be Zena, yes?” He smiled and moved towards her to shake her hand.

All Zena could do was nod and shake his hand. She didn’t even know that her mouth was hanging open until her tongue and mouth felt dry. She probably could have caught a bug in her mouth with how long she had her jaw dropped at him.

Hey, how come you didn’t look at me that way when I came in?” Kai teased, pretending to have a hurt look and wiped away a fake tear from his face. “Kidding, but yeah, this is Tvorca. He was the Guardian that found me when I was first created and I consider him my family since he took me in.” Kai smiled warmly. Tvorca rolled his eyes and ruffled Kai’s auburn curly hair, making it even messier than it was before.

“Yes, Kai and I are very close. I have admittedly treated him like a son since he asked me to train him,” Tvorca smiled sheepishly, “But, everyone that lives with us is considered family in one way or another.”

His stance changed suddenly and his more embarrassed expression faded. He cleared his throat, “Anyhow, I came to actually talk to you about joining our so called makeshift family.”

Zena tilted her head and pondered what that meant. What if they were a weird cult or something and wanted her to ‘join’ their ‘family’ to kill her for some weird ritual.

Wait. What? Where did that thought even come from? They showed no signs of even being a cult but something in her told her not to trust them either way. It was unwise of her to just open her arms and let herself join their group without even knowing what they wanted from her. She guessed a cult was just the first thing that came to her messed up brain and she cursed herself for assuming they would be something so dumb.

Zena squinted at him, “What does joining you mean and entail for me?” She made finger gestures around the word joining as she spoke.


Tvorca looked at her with confusion for a moment. Studying her yet again to see what she meant. He stopped and smiled which turned into a hearty laugh that filled the tent.

“Zena, we are not bad people. Nor do we have any bad intent. If you decide to live with us and join our group we would have you travel with us back to our home and properly train you on how to survive and how to control your Guardian powers better.” Tvorca chuckled. His eyes did the same thing as Kai’s when he laughed, they crinkled up at the bottom and made it look like his eyes were smiling too.

Zena relaxed more. Thank God they weren’t a cult or wanted to kill her. Or had some bad intent with her once she joined. Though she didn’t know them, something in Tvorca’s voice and demeanor gave her comfort. It settled her anxious fight or flight feelings and made her instinct tell her that it was all okay. “Teach me more about my powers? What do you mean by that?” She inquired. “How can you do that?”

Kai smiled and winked, “I think that’s where I come in. Since we are the same power I would be able to teach you more about them.”

Zena nodded. It made sense to her and deep down inside of her she wanted to go with them. She was scared when she was first created. Looking around and seeing nothing but fire and the emptiness of the forest terrified her. She didn’t want to think about it then, but she wondered if she was the only person like that in the whole planet. She knew if she let that thought seep in when she was alone out there though she would no doubt spiral into panic and anxiousness. Plus, she had no idea how to really survive on her own and if she was attacked again she wanted to be able to defend herself.

She shivered at the memory of the wolf mother trying to slice Zena in two. If she could be taken out that easily by an animal when she possessed this great power, how would she be able to live much longer on her own?

“Not only would you have training on your powers though, but also we would teach you how to survive on your own with skills on how to find food, water, and what not.” Anil interrupted her thoughts as he entered the tent. Kai turned to him and clearly seemed to give him a look of disinterest.

“Well yeah, that too. But that isn’t nearly as fun as learning your powers better.” Kai bragged as he seemed to stare down at his hand and as Zena looked over to Kai, he had a small ball of flame floating above his palm.

“Kai, Anil, settle down,” Tvorca commanded and they both seemed to collect themselves, “You both act like kids sometimes you know that? Both of those skills are equally important.” He looked back and forth between them until it was clear they were done boasting about which they thought mattered more before clearing his throat again and turning to Zena.

“So, I think what we are all trying to say here is will you join us?”

Zena looked at all of them. Pausing as she looked at each of them. A large grin spread across her face and her heart wanted to sing. She could have a family. Somewhere she belonged and could always come back to. The fear of being alone left her and now the happy feeling of them actually wanting her to join them replaced it.

“I would love to.”

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