Skyward (Re-Write)

Zena, newly created from an explosion of fire that burned down a good bit of forest. Tries to discover who she is and why she is called a "Guardian". With god like powers she has to learn to control them or otherwise it would surely mean death. Not only to her, but to the people she has grown to love.


2. Chapter 2

Everything hurt.

Literally everything.

She didn’t even want to open her eyes. She wanted the sweet embrace of death to carry her away so she wouldn’t have the constant throbbing agony anymore. She couldn’t even attempt to sit up without the wind being knocked out of her and the feeling of stabbing knives and piercing needles going through her was enough to floor anyone. After a bit of waiting she came to the conclusion that death wasn’t having her today and she let her eyes slowly open, despite every part of her screaming not to. Screaming to go back to sleep, to have someone of something knock her out until she stopped feeling like death.


Zena had to wave those thoughts away though. She had to figure out where she was. She definitely was not in the forest like before. Whatever held her was much softer and pleasing to her back than the rocky, and uneven forest floor. Which only meant that she had been taken else where and she needed to know where that might be. She willed her eyes open and she saw that she was in a tent. How she knew that it was exactly a tent was beyond her. How she knew about a lot of things puzzled her just as much. It was easier to just go with it though as sitting around and contemplating it only would make her head pound harder. She saw that her leg was wrapped neatly with a white bandage, confirming her thoughts that it had been broken. It was elevated above what she was laying on by a sling that hung from the top of the tent. Looking to her right side she saw that her wing was unfolded and wrapped as neatly as her leg.


So she wasn’t wrong in remembering what had happened however long before. What had even happened though? She didn’t even want to think. Even that hurt her. If there was a way to stop all functions and just pass out she would take it in a heartbeat.


“Hello?” Zena called out, her voice was a little hoarse and weak but still audible. She was expecting an empty response because if someone didn’t hear her cry out in pain earlier and didn’t come then than no one would come now. Or maybe the orange eyed boy would hear her and come to see her again.


She was wrong on both accounts. A different boy entered the tent and he was totally different from the orange eyed boy. This boy was pale and his eyes were not easy to look at. It felt like they pierced through her already splitting headache as he studied her over. He wasn’t muscular but rather slightly toned and as though he kept himself in alright shape. He was taller than her, but maybe only about a couple inches more. He had black hair that covered his ears and swooped across his forehead giving him a little bit of bangs and covered part of his left eye. ANother thing that caught her attention almost right away was that he hard markings, like tattoos, that swirled up and down his arms and disappeared under his shirt. She also noted how his wings, even though they were folded behind him, were a dark grey color and had slight freckles on the mantle and scapulars that were white.


“Zena, right?” He asked, his voice sounded calm and cool, “I’m Anil, how are you feeling?”

She snorted. Maybe the orange eyed boy and him were more alike than she thought as just giving her a once over could tell you she was not doing anything but terrible.

“Like I should be dead.” She retorted. Even talking made her stomach and back hurt. Honestly, at this point, she felt as if doing the slightest of anything would make something hurt.


“Well good news for you.” Anil smiled, “I can help with that. I just finished making something that will relieve your pain.”


He held a cup up to show her what he meant and it steamed. When he brought it over to her it was a weird coloration of brown and green. Gross. He went to hold it to her lips but something tugged at her from inside her head. She didn’t know these people and whatever might be in that cup might do more damage to her. She flinched and pulled away, Zena’s wing moving with her and knocking over a table that held it up and as her foot fell out of the sling it screamed out at her.

“Ouch! Ouch! Not a good idea.” She cursed as she winced and tried to get her leg back in the sling. Anil laughed and quickly helped put her foot back in the sling. After that he swiftly moved to the ground to pick up the table that her wing had knocked over. Setting her wing back down onto it he gave it a little pat before looking back to her.


“You can trust me, Zena. I would never hurt you.” His voice cooed and was soothing like a fresh summer breeze.

“How do I know that?” She asked skeptically. Narrowing her eyes at him and still not reaching for the cup. He shrugged,

“What can I do to show you I wouldn’t?” He questioned.


“You drink it first.” She commanded him and he gave another shrug before doing as she had asked. He lifted the cup to his lips and took a big gulp of it. Anil even gargled it a little to show he had really put it in his mouth which was weird and kind of gross but Zena appreciated the reassurance.


“See? Nothing wrong with it. And if there is,” Anil began, putting a hand to his chest,” then we both die of poison.”


He held the still steaming cup out to her again and this time she took it cautiously. Looking at the cup, then at him, and then back to the cup. She lifted it to her lips and sipped it gently as to not burn her tongue or throat. The warm liquid hit her stomach quickly and it protested and growled in hunger. Anil looked down at her stomach and his eyes widened as though he had just remembered something.

“Oh you must be starving. Here I’ll go grab you some food.” He stated, standing up from where he had knelt down to hand her the cup. “Try not to move that wing or leg or knock anything over while I’m gone.” He smiled at her before lifting the flap to the tent and exiting. Letting the flap fall back down quickly with a slight ‘whoosh’ sound.


She let her mind go back to her thoughts again and a wave of what she could only think to be confusion washed over her. Who were these people and why were they trying so hard to help her? How did they even find her in the mess of the forest fire? Either way, she was grateful of them, she owed them her life. She then realized that she had nothing to give them or offer in return for them helping her.

The flap lifted again and expecting it to be Anil with the food, she was again surprised when the boy she had first met walked in instead of him.

He had the same orange eyes that seemed to glow and slightly curly auburn hair that curled a bit below his ears. His wings were folded behind his back too but what she could see was beautiful. Starting in an deep red color it ombred to a light orange color. Notably, she saw that they were similar to her own wings. Which, went from black to a deep red and then to a lighter red. Looking over the boy again she saw that he was tanner than Anil and seemed to spend more time outside. Another difference was that he was much more toned and taller than Anil which was clear as soon as he entered the tent.

“Hey Zena, are you feeling better?” He asked and his voice was deeper than she had first remembered it. Then again, she was having a near death experience before too.

“Much better after Anil gave me that drink. Still in pain but a lot less than before.” She explained to him. “Oh, and how do you know my name again?” She questioned him.

“You told me it when I first found you.” He laughed, “Do you not remember?”


The events that had taken place earlier was still a tad foggy if she was being honest with herself. The main points were easy to recall but all the smaller details were almost impossible to remember.

“Oh, I guess I did. Did you tell me yours?” She wondered. He started to get red in the face and he rubbed his neck before looking away again. A blush formed more prominently now and it went across his nose and cheeks just like his freckles.  

“Uh, no. Sorry about that. I’m Kai.” He blurted. Zena smiled.

“Well, Kai, thank you for finding and saving me.” She thanked him. She was fond of him already. The fact that he got embarrassed over small things that she said made her smile and laugh.

“Well it was all of us actually. Not just me.” He corrected her, “Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?”

“No need to be so modest Kai. You were the one that rushed to her aid when we found her.” Anil interrupted as came into the tent holding the plate of food that he had promised her earlier. It had potatoes and some kind of meat on the plate and the aroma that came from it was enough to send Zena into a frenzy. She stared at the food like she had never seen anything like it in her whole life. And really she hadn’t even eaten since she was created.


“You might want to wait it’s a little-” Anil started but Zena didn’t let him finish. She had disregarded him even speaking as she began to wolf the food into her mouth.

“Hot-” He finished. He stared at her as she didn’t seem to be bugged by the hot food at all. In fact, Zena didn’t even give notice that she was fazed.


“She a guardian of fire Anil, hot temperatures don’t bother her.” Kai laughed, “Plus she probably hasn’t eaten since we found her, she’s probably starving.” He smirked at his friend.

“Anyways, I got it from here Anil you can go help Tvorca, I think he was looking for you earlier.” Kai reminded him.


“Oh-uh, yeah, okay. If you need anything, Zena, let me know.” Anil told her. She looked up from her now empty plate and she swore she could have seen disappointment in his eyes and maybe-

No. Why would he have that look? She thought there was anger in his face but once he noticed her studying him he quickly extinguished it.


“I said I got it Anil.” Kai repeated.


“Thank you for everything Anil.” Zena spoke up, giving him a smile, “And it was really nice to meet you.”

Zena didn’t want Anil to be upset after he had been so nice to her and she was really thankful for all of his help and what he all did to make her more comfortable. He was also willing to make a fool of himself just to gain more of her trust too and she really liked that about him.

Anil smiled warmly now and any negative emotion seemed to leave him. “The pleasure was all mine Zena.” He called and waved as he left the tent.


Kai watched him leave before turning his attention back to Zena. She had finished her food now and set it next to her on the cot. He moved towards her carefully and grabbed her empty plate before sitting down next to her.

“Do you want anymore?” He asked with a smile.


Of course she wanted more. She would eat everything they had if they let her. If she had anything to say about it she would eat all day long. A part of her knew that if she did eat all that though and even another plate she would pay for it later. Going from starving to extremely full was never good. She would throw the food up before she could get any nutrients from it or she would feel like even more crap.

    “I would love to, but if I eat anymore then I will probably be sick.” Zena admitted sheepishly.

Kai laughed and Zena noted how when he laughed his eyes crinkled and made his mouth and eyes look happy. “That is true. How about we talk then to pass the time? I have nothing to do and I am sure you have a ton of questions.”

She did have a lot of questions.  

“Oh, um, okay. So how did you guys find me?” She questioned first. She wanted to start out small at first and move forward from there. There was no point in bombing him with bigger questions right away and then forgetting about the smaller ones. Even though, something told her that Kai was not leaving her side for awhile. So she had a feeling she had plenty of time to talk and ask what she wanted.

“Anil was the one who saw the explosion you caused and came back to tell Tvorca about it. We think of it as kind of our job to find Guardians if we can and help train them to live on their own and protect themselves.” He explained,” as well as give them a family if they want it.”


Her mind reeled for a moment. This was the second time she had heard him say that word.

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