Skyward (Re-Write)

Zena, newly created from an explosion of fire that burned down a good bit of forest. Tries to discover who she is and why she is called a "Guardian". With god like powers she has to learn to control them or otherwise it would surely mean death. Not only to her, but to the people she has grown to love.


1. Chapter 1

(Authors note: Thank you all who have followed me through everything and have given me much love and support with every story that I have wrote. It had inspired me in so many other ways that you can not imagine and has given me the strength to be more open and confident in almost everything I do. I would also like to say thank you for also giving me feedback and taking the time to give me constructive criticism. I have gotten a lot of readers from the original Skyward books and I feel like it needed more solid ground to go off of. This will be roughly the same story but told a lot better and with new character names as well as a new take on it. Again, thank you guys for everything. I hope you all enjoy the newly written Skyward!)


Her first thought that ever came to her mind was:

“God it is really hot here.”

Of course Zena had been created in a massive explosion that had violently rocked the ground and even in her bones. Shortly after, the nearby forest caught on fire and it started to rage violently with the dry shrubbery and trees.

She didn’t know where she was, or how she got there but she knew she wouldn’t be getting answers by just standing around in the ever growing forest fire. She looked down and with a shock Zena saw that she was in tight fitted clothes that were burned black by the fire.

Weird. She thought to herself. Hey, at least if she stumbled upon anyone or anything she wouldn't have to quickly cover herself with leaves. How embarrassing that would be, her face grew hot and not just from the fire but rather the thought of someone seeing her naked. She sent a silent thanks to whoever or whatever clothed her. A low grumble emerged from her stomach and her thoughts went to another thing. Food. Whatever had happened to her made her hungry. Really hungry.

Everything was new to her. How she knew to get food or even how to make cognitive thought was beyond her. How she wasn’t a baby and was grown was something she also couldn’t understand. One of the strangest and newest things that she realized was the giant wings that were on her back as she stepped on one and tripped, falling face first into the hot coals in front of her. Why did she have wings? And why was she so clumsy that she had to trip over them like an idiot. Why was she created clumsy? Her thoughts trailed off as the next thing that surprised her was how the coals that she had just landed half her body in didn’t burn her in the slightest. She felt it, the hot burning feeling of the coals and fire but it didn’t burn her. How come she felt no pain from the obvious scorching heat around her and why was she not totally choking on the smoke and ash that blanketed the area.


She got up slowly, coughing as the soot and smoke entered her lungs after she fell. She rubbed her eyes and started to study her surroundings. How did you decide which way to go when you had no idea where you were or how you got there? It didn’t matter she just needed to get somewhere to find food she told herself as she pushed on and started to get out of the inflamed forest. There was a howl and looking around her eyes fixated on a small wolf pup. It was scared and alone and Zena found herself pushing past brush and thorns to get to it. She approached it and as it went to her without fear she scooped it up into her arms and pursed her lips to shush the pup.


The wolf looked up at her with piercing blue eyes and she started to rub the ash off his dark black fur. He calmed down and she smiled at the fact that he was okay with her holding him.

“Hey, see it’s okay. I got you little one.” Zena cooed and scratched him behind his ear.


A low growl and a second, much louder howl emitted from behind her and she froze. Her blood ran cold and everything in her body told her danger. Every part of her wanted to run but she was stuck in her tracks. She only found the small movement to turn slowly around to see what was behind her.

Without much surprise she saw two large wolves standing in attack stances. She cursed herself, how dumb of her. She was holding their child who must have gotten lost from the fire. They were huge, intimidating, and very unhappy with Zena as she still had the pup in her arms.


She lowered herself to the ground ever so slowly, feeling like everything was in slow motion as she set the wolf pup down and then stood back up carefully. Her gaze was fixed on the wolves and theirs, on her. As soon as the pup ran from where she had set it down to its parents the wolf mother barked and growled again before lunging at Zena.

Somehow. And she really meant somehow she dodged the massive wolf as it came at her with blinding speed. Her memory was limited to only today, no scratch that, limited to only moments earlier but she somehow knew how to defend herself. The wolf came at her again and as Zena held her arms out to protect herself a sea of flames burst from her hands and towards the wolf.


Excuse me? Her jaw dropped in awe. Did she just do that? Did that fire come from her hands? And how did she even do that? Zena looked down at her arms and palms and saw that they were totally untouched and undamaged. Amazing. The day was getting weirder and weirder.


Her moment of thought and being lost in the sight of flames coming out of her hands was all the wolf mother needed to get the upper hand on Zena. She lunged at her and with sharp claws raked them across Zena’s arms, stomach, and leg. As Zena cried out in the blinding pain that came over her and fell to her knees. The wolf gave her one last growl and swipe as her wings started to cover her protectively. The wolves and their pup took off shortly after as the fire started to come towards them.


Good job, Zena. She thought in agony. You had the power to stop her but you decided to stare at your hands instead. 

She rolled over slowly, crying out as she saw blood staining her clothes and dripping onto the ground. She wanted to finish the fight, at least have some dignity to go out fighting if she was going to die here but they had high tailed it out of there as the fire was practically on her now. Her adrenaline must have started to slowly give out now though as her eyes became heavy from shock and also the fact that she was losing a lot of blood. She fought with her whole body to stay awake, alert, anything. She had just been created today dammit and she was going to live. She had to live, something in her told her she was meant for something. That she was important.


Her body decided not to give her much of a choice though as her wings closed tighter around her body and her eyes refused to stay open as she passed out.


When her eyes opened again she knew she had to be dead. No, this was death, she was convinced.


What? In her defense the first thing she was when her eyes opened was a pale boy with messy auburn hair and a slew of freckles across his nose and cheeks. His eyes seemed to glow orange and they were filled with curiosity and worry. This was the first person she had seen since being created and honestly, something about that filled her with comfort. That she wasn’t alone in this world. If that doesn’t make you think you’ve died and gone to heaven after what she had just been through then you’re crazy.


“Hey, are you okay? What’s your name?” The boy asked her as he looked her over. Her head was pounding and her body felt as stiff as a corpse. How long had she been knocked out? How did she live from the blood loss?


“I-I’m Zena. Am I dead?” She whispered before coughing hard.

“No, luckily we found you just in time. Can you get up?”


Maybe heaven wasn’t as nice as she had thought or hoped it would be as the question he asked was probably the dumbest thing she had heard since she was created.

“Yeah, sure. Let me just fix my probably broken leg and get up for you.” She hissed as pain shot through her body again. Her vision was blurry and pain also added in blinding her but she could see the boy’s face fill with red.


“S-Sorry! Uh, here, I’ll carry you.” He stammered as he looked away from her to hide his beat red face.


Something about him picking her up seemed to ignite a hidden fire in her. The same immense power she felt when being created flowed through her again now as a burst of light exploded between them. Her vision went black once more and something dark and powerful clawed its way through her body and rested in her chest.


Yeah, no. This was anything but heaven. She reminded herself.


You wouldn’t be able to feel your wing snap as it hit a tree if you were dead.


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