The girl next door

You are a new girl on the block and you are going to a new school and you wont believe who your neighbor is.....he's the most popular Bad Boy in school and your suspicious that he is involved in something.


2. Settling in

"Mom!!! we have to do something about this room!!!"

mom walks into my new room 

"what sweetie?"

"Do you see this?!"

"Yes whats wrong with it?"

"Mom its a lavender room with baby bottle dry wall!!!"


"Mom we have to redo this room!!!"

"Fine but you have to get your own money to get the stuff for your room"

"Uhhh!!! I don't even have a job how am I supposed to get money"

"Your old enough go get a job" 

"Uhh!!! can't I do chores or something?"

"Fine but you have to do them when I say so or the deal is off"

"Alright I will"

Mom starts leaving the room

"Hey mom"


"I love you"

"I love you too sweetie"

I plop on my bed well what am i going to do in the mean time... I guess I could finish unpacking. Once I finish unpacking it doesn't look half bad except for the paint and the drywall. But that will all be fixed soon I think I'm going to go for a galaxy theme or a beach theme I haven't decided yet. I'm Hungry I'm going to see what's cooking down stairs I trample down the stairs. And A wave of goodness hits me. Is it Taco Salad Night!!! I walk into the kitchen looks like mom is putting the finishing touches on the kitchen. 

"Hey mom"

"Hi sweetie"

"Is It Taco Salad Night?!!!"

" you guessed it!!!"


"Do I smell Taco salad!!!" Riley says while stomping down the stairs

"Yep!!!" me and mom yell to her


After eating dinner and talking for a while Riley decided to go upstairs

"goodnight mom"

"oh no you don't"


"well you remember our deal?" she said with a devilish look

"yeah why....." I said hesitantly

"well you have to clean the dishes"

"ahh I knew it" I said with a grunt

"do I have to?" 


"ahh fine"

After finishing all the dishes I was so tired I slugged up the stairs and headed to my bed room I plopped on my bed I hear a creak at the door I look up and it's mom.   

" hey sweetie can I talk to you?"

" sure what is it?"

" Well tomorrow I'm going to enroll you into school"

" oh okay"

"well probably go on later in the day tomorrow"

" Is that what you wanted to tell me?"

" yeah that was all"

"oaky then I'm gonna head to bed"

" well good night sweetie"

"night mom"

She turned the light off and shut the door. Ahh can't wait to go to Sleep!!! I shut my eyes and before I even realized what time it was I passed out.


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