The girl next door

You are a new girl on the block and you are going to a new school and you wont believe who your neighbor is.....he's the most popular Bad Boy in school and your suspicious that he is involved in something.


1. Moving in

​Well I better introduce myself my name is Ashtyn, and yes I am a girl. I just moved from Maryland and now I'm in California I know it sounds crazy but for me it's normal. Ever since I was young I've been moving all over the place with my mother and sister well ever since my father died its just been us three but were closer than ever. The reason we keep moving around is because my moms job requires her to be moving to different places all the time I mean don't hate it because I get to see all the different places and what there like but its so annoying when I cant just settle down and make some new friends. But anyways today is are first day moving into our new house as soon as I got there I ran for the door because its a tradition that every time we move anyone who gets to the room that they want first gets to have that room. Me and my sister shove into each other almost jamming both of us between the door. I run up the stairs with my sister trailing behind me I pause and I see the biggest room strait ahead of me I make a run for it. But as soon as I almost reach the door I trip and at the last second....!!!! MOM comes running into the ROOM!!! Well there goes that room. I swiftly get up and search for another room I run to it but as soon as I got there I glance into the room and who do I see? yep that's right my sister.


"What??? I have dibs" she winked at me.

ehh!!! well there goes that room I slowly slither out of the room. I turn around slowly. I see the very last room I walk into it excited but that all changed when I noticed that the paint was lavender and there was baby bottles on the wall paper of course there is. Just my luck.


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