Gang Leader's Girl

19 year old Skylar White lives with her six older brothers, and dad. What happens when her dad has to leave for a year for a 'job' and her and her brothers have to move in with the feared gang leader in New York? Or when she gets a text from an unknown number and the gang leader promises to protect her? Will she stay or will she run?

Xavier Black the feared gang leader in New York doesn't care about anyone but his four friends, he wouldn't hesitate to kill you. What happens when he see the most gorgeous girl and starts to get feelings for her? Will he run from his feelings or will he chase her?


"You're mine"


2. Chapter Two.



“Sky, Rose! Come downstairs, we have guests and supper is ready”, My dad yelled out to us, Rose paused Teen Wolf before we headed downstairs.

“I still say Derek is hotter than Stiles!” Rose said as we entered the kitchen, if I could have smacked her I would have. We both looked up and saw her our guests were, we stopped in our tracks.

“I think I’m hotter than both of them!” Shawn said pushing past us. I looked at Rose before walking to the table, ignoring Xavier’s stare.

“Keep dreaming Shawn!” Rose and I yelled after him, his laughter filled the room, God he sounds like a hyena.

“Father”, I greeted and kissed his cheek, “how was your day?” I sat down next to Rose.

My dad sighed. “It was stressful, but never mind my day, you need to see an eye doctor!” He said, staring at my stitches.

“I’m fine. I can see perfectly fine, I just wasn’t looking where I was going”, I said as I rolled my eyes for the millionth time today.

“Okay, if you say so, but can you be careful next time? Seriously I don’t want anything happening to my only girl!”, he got up and hugged me.

Yeah, my mum wasn’t with us, she was killed by some A-hole. She was honestly the best mum you could ever ask for! She took me to get ice cream everyday and always, I mean always, defended me from the boys.

Everyone sat in silence eating, the boys talked a little to my dad asking some questions but I wasn’t really listening. Rose, well she was staring at Jake like it was her only lifeline.

I couldn’t really blame her, Jake was 19, brown hair, gorgeous brown eyes, muscular jawline, built body, a couple of tattoos and he was extremely funny.

Then there’s Valentino, he was 20 with brown hair and brown eyes, he looks like Jakes brother. But no tattoos, I’ve always been surprised with that.

After him was Caleb, 19, he had brownish blonde hair, hazel eyes, built like a bridge, and a sleeve of some interesting tattoos.

Lastly there’s Nathan, he’s 21 with blonde hair and green eyes, he had tattoos on his body where you couldn’t even see and looks very mean. Yeah I know a lot about those boys, only because Rose was the gossip queen and would tell me everything.

“…So what do you think Skylar?” I looked at my dad confused, I wasn’t listening.

“Eh yeah, I like the idea.” My brothers all turned to me in shock like I just grew another head. “So I’m guessing I said something wrong? I really wasn’t listening”, I rubbed the back of my neck. Aye, don’t you zone out at family dinners?

My brothers, Rose, Jake, Valentino and Nathan laughed, Xavier sexy lips were twitching and my dad just shook his head.

“I’m leaving on a business trip for a year, and I want you all to move in with Xavier and his gang”, My father looked at me, I swear I nearly fell off my chair and Rose was choking to death.

“WHAT!” Rose and I yelled at my dad, “what about school? Why a year? Can’t you come home every two months like you always do? And why do we have to move?” I exploded with questions.

“Slow down. You’ll still be going to school. I’m going for business and I can’t just leave like I usually do. And you’re moving because I need you to be protected!” My answered all y questions, he gave me a look that said ‘I dare you to argue’. So I got up and walked back to my room with Rose.

We sat on my bed in silence, still processing everything. “You know I don’t get why my dad has to work so much, my mum left us more than we need and with dad working we have triple that amount, technically he doesn’t need to work at all”, I said.

Rose looked at me, “You know it’s because he wants to make sure you guys are good for life, even when your grandchildren have children”, she gave me a small smile.

“We probably already have that much! Maybe even for their children!” I whined, my eyes burning with tears, “I’m going to die!”

Rose chuckled, “You won’t die, I’ll be with you all the way!” We smiled and I hugged her, this is why she is my best friend. My door opened and I turned to see my brothers walking in my room. “I’ll be downstairs cleaning your fridge”, with that Rose ran out of my room.

They all sat on my bed around me and Seth pulled me into a hug. “You know dad loves you, it’s just, he keeps himself busy, you know that”, Sawyor said.

He was right, my dad had gone into a depression when mum was killed, he would always ignore me because I looked so much like her. Shawn, he’d talk to him, but not a lot.

“Yeah, but why do we have to leave! I love this house, it has so many memories that will go to waste”, I cried into Seth’s chest.

“We know honey, but it’s about time we leave. Our memories will be with us no matter where we go”, Shane said with a sad smile.

“When?” I asked.

“Two days from now, dad leaves tomorrow night”, I nodded. They all left, kissing me on the forehead. Rose came running back into my room.

“Back to Teen Wolf with that sexy Derek!” I rolled my eyes but went back to watching it.


“I’m staying the night, you’ll have to lend me some clothes for tomorrow”, Rose said simply, I just nodded. “I’m also hungry, so me or you?”

“I’ll go, I have to get up and say goodnight to my brothers and dad anyways.” I got up walking downstairs, they were all asleep in the living room. I turned off the TV and put blankets on them all. As I got to Xavier I looked at him, he just seemed so peaceful not a car in the world, it was cute. Wait what… never mind that last part.

Once I had put a blanket on him I made my way to the kitchen looking for something to eat. “What are you still doing up?”, I jumped at the sound of the voice come from behind me.

“Xavier what the hell! You scared the shit out of me, I thought you were sleeping?” Did he see me watching him sleep? Oh God, how embarrassing would that be?

“I heard noises in here so I came to check them out.” He shrugged. “You didn’t answer me, why are you still up?” His voice was cold.

“We just couldn’t sleep and we got hungry”, I should be feeling scared but I felt safe for some stupid reason. “Sorry for waking you up”, I looked everywhere else but at him, not wanting to make eye contact.

I looked back at him after the silence had filled the air, he was staring at me shaking his head. “Why didn’t you tell your brothers the truth?” He asked me out of the blue.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…”, I lied, he gave me a ‘really’ look, “because I don’t want them to, its none of your business!” I snapped.

In a second he was in front of me, he looked more than angry, maybe a little ragged. “Don’t talk to me like that. And it is my business, especially since I kicked his ass for what he did!” The anger coming from his voice sent shivers up my spine and I flinched at his tone.

Everything seemed to click in. “You did it? But you don’t even know me? You might be friends with my brothers but not me. And no it’s not your business because I never asked you to be involved, now I look weak like I need someone to protect me!” I pushed him back and walked around his so I was further away from him.

His heart, my butterflies and my hormones are not a good mix. He glared at me, “Whatever, have fun next time!” He walked away, bumping into my shoulder.

Great now I’m the bad guy here, I grabbed two granola bars and ran upstairs to my room. “Took you long enough!” Rose said.

“Yeah, sorry”, I mumbled. “I’m going to sleep, goodnight”. I put on my pyjamas and laid down on my bed. Within minutes I was falling asleep, thinking about him.


I woke up to sunlight in my eyes. “Rose close the blinds! You’re closer!” I groaned pulling the blankets over my head.

“We have school, we have to get up”, a sigh left her mouth. I really didn’t want to go today.

“Can’t we just skip it? My brothers won’t know, they had to leave early for Samuel’s and Shawn’s football practices.”

“Yeah sure, but what about lunch? They’ll know. School can also ask Sawyor where we are and then we’ll get in shit!”

“I’ll just pretend I was sick and you can say you wanted to make sure I was okay”, I shrugged, I thought it was a good plan.

“No, get up, we got to go!” She said firmly, giving me a look.

“Fine, you win”, I got up doing my morning routine. I put on skinny black jeans, a white t-shirt, black converses and grabbed my leather jacket. We got into Rose’s car and left for school.

“I swear if I get detention because of your slow ass driving, I’m going to blow your car up!” I yelled at Rose as we ran to class.

“Aye, don’t talk about my baby like that! I will not let you touch her! It’s your fault anyway, you didn’t put your alarm on!” The bell rang, signalling we were late to class, making me groan. I can’t believe I’m late.

I swung the chemistry class door open. “We’re here!” Rose yelled. Mrs. Wilson looked at us in annoyance for disturbing her class.

“Ms. White, Ms. Coster, nice to see you can join us. May I know why you’re late?” She raised an eyebrow.

“It’s her fault!” Rose and I said in unison, Mrs. Wilson rolled her eyes.

“Go sit! Next time its detention!” We nodded, we both sat in the third row, I could feel someone’s gaze making holes in my back. I turned and seen Xavier, he didn’t move his gaze, I raised an eyebrow at him.

“You guys look ready to rip off each other’s clothes!” She whispered, I turned and gave her a blank look.

“No I’d rather die!” You liar! Shhh she doesn’t need to know that. 


I was walking down the school’s hallway heading to the cafeteria when I heard yelling, not thinking, I followed the noise, turning a corner and my eyes widened. Xavier and his gang were surrounding a student called Luke, from my math class.

“What kind of lesson should we teach him Xavier?” Valentino said smirking, instead of answering, Xavier punched Luke making him fall to the ground with a thump.

I gasped, “What the hell!” I pushed through all of them, running up to Luke and helping him up. “What’s wrong with you guys!” I yelled at them.

“Skylar, get out of here!” Xavier roared, I flinched looking at him, his eyes were a dark colour now, but I’m not backing down.

“No!” I said with confidence, everyone’s eyes widened, and Xavier looked ready to kill me. He took a step closer shaking with rage, fear washed over me. What did I just do?

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