Gang Leader's Girl

19 year old Skylar White lives with her six older brothers, and dad. What happens when her dad has to leave for a year for a 'job' and her and her brothers have to move in with the feared gang leader in New York? Or when she gets a text from an unknown number and the gang leader promises to protect her? Will she stay or will she run?

Xavier Black the feared gang leader in New York doesn't care about anyone but his four friends, he wouldn't hesitate to kill you. What happens when he see the most gorgeous girl and starts to get feelings for her? Will he run from his feelings or will he chase her?


"You're mine"


3. Chapter Three.

Okay, you know that moment when you think you’re going to die when you trip on nothing and you’re falling? Yes, well this is a million times worse.

“Did you just say no to me!?” He raged, I was starting to feel just a little small now. He looks like a beast coming out of his cave.

Poke the bear Skylar, that’s what you always do. My subconscious scold. God, should I answer him or not? Because no doubt I’ll probably make him madder.

“I asked you a damn question! Now answer me!” I flinched taking a step back, as he took one closer to me.

“Let’s go Xavier, it doesn’t matter”, Jake said, putting a shaky hand on his shoulder. Wow, even his friends are scared of him. He glared deadly at me before walking away, not before punching a locker though.

His friends followed behind him, I turned to Luke, his eyes were all wide with fear.
“You’ve got some ball Skylar. No one, and I mean, no one says no to him”, he said, well I guess I should feel proud then.

Ugh, what am I kidding? I must have a death wish. “Well, there’s a first for everything, right?” I mumbled, I guess he heard because he chuckled.

We walked into the cafeteria only to get attached by my brother Shawn. “Oh my God sis, I was so scared that someone kidnapped you and sold you to the Devil’s soul!” I narrowed my eyes at Rose, knowing she said that.

“Nope, I’m alive and still have a soul, for now”, I mumbled the last part. Shawn backed away and smiled, until his eyes saw Luke.

“Who the hell are you and what are you doing with my sister?” He sneered, as all my brothers walked up with their fists ready to fight.

“Calm down boys, he’s a… friend”, I said, walking away to the table we eat at all the time. I sat beside Santiago, Luke and Rose sat in front of me.

Santiago gave me my food, right when I was about to dig in, Xavier and his gang sat at our table. Xavier was glaring at Luke then at me.

“So Skylar, excited to move in with us?” Jake asked, trying his best to keep my eyes away from Xavier’s stare, who happened to be sitting at the only stop left, beside me.

“Yeah, as long as I don’t die, we’re all god!” I smiled at him, knowing that I just might die.

“You’re not going to die!” Xavier grunted out, his leg brushing against mine sending tingles to my stomach.

“You don’t know that, you guys are like killers!” Everyone’s head snapped to Luke, his eyes widened as he realised he had said it out loud.

“You want me to teach you a lesson again, prick!” Xavier shouted, making everyone look. Great, now we’re the centre on attention.

“No, I’m just saying that if she lives with you guys, there’s more chance of her being in danger”, Luke shrugged, I gave him a look that said shut-the-hell-up. I turned my gaze to Xavier seeing a flash of something but as soon as it was there, it was gone with anger taking over. Okay I should stop this.

“Okay! I think that me, Rose and Luke should get to class.” I got up pulling Rose’s arm with me, “Bye guys, see you at home. I’m getting a ride with this slow poke!” I nodded towards Rose, she smacked my arm with a smile.

We exited the cafeteria and I turned to look at Luke. “You said I had guts! Are you looking for a death wish?” He chucked, then headed to class.

After school, Rose and I decided to go to Starbucks, not wanting to go home just yet. “So, living with the bad boy, that’s going to be fun!”

“Define fun”, I mumbled. I can’t believe I am actually going to be living with the bad boy of the school, the most fear gang in New York, my brothers aren’t even concerned with it either.

It was an awkward silence between us, Rose was the one to break it. “So… Luke, he’s cute!” I chucked. “Planning on dating him?”

“No, we’re just friends, he’s not my type, we barely even know each other.” It was the truth; he just wasn’t my type.

“Whatever you say honey, but I think he’s got his heart set on you. How did you guys even become friends? I’ve never seen you with him?” Then I began to tell her everything, by the end she was freaking out.

“You’re so dead meat! I wish you good luck and just know that I’ll have your back!” She said, I just nodded. “Anyway, let’s go to a party tonight!”

“How the hell am I supposed to convince my brothers?” We both started thinking, I don’t want to piss them off, I need something they’ll say yes to- OMG!

“We can say I’m sleeping at your house for the night!” We yelled in unison, laughing as we agreed that was our plan.

We got in the car, but this time I was driving, we got to my place in five minutes.

We walked in the front door. “You, my friend, are in deep shit!” Shawn says, Rose and I looked at each other before we hear a bunch of footsteps running downstairs.

“SKYLAR ELLA WHITE! What the hell do you think you were doing when you got in the middle of Xavier and Luke!? Are you trying to make him hate you!? Second, you didn’t tell us you weren’t going to be home after school! We were worried!” Sawyor yelled, doing funny gestures, it was hard not to laugh but once I heard Rose let out a small giggle, we both couldn’t stop.

“I’m sorry… I was just… at Starbucks” I said between fits of laughter, after calming down I asked, “So I know this is probably not the best time to tell you, but I’m sleeping at Rose’s house tonight. In fact, we have to leave like right now!” I turned around to go pack my stuff.

Santiago stopped me. “You’re not going”, he said, simply. God life can be so complicated.

“And why not?” I gave him an eyebrow.

“Because I said so”, he shrugged. Wow, just wow, I hate when they don’t give me reasons. My dad does it all the time.

“Well I don’t care if you say so, I’m going. That’s final!” WOW, I’m really asking to die, everyone’s shocked. This is probably the best time to get out of here. Rose notices and takings my arm, running upstairs, “I’m seriously asking to-“

“Yeah I know, just don’t get me killed!” She smiles, best friends just read your mind.


“Rose, I don’t know what to wear! HELP!” I whined for the millionth time, she was already read, wearing a purple dress with spaghetti straps and a slit down between the boobs and white material at the bottom of the skirt.

“I GOT THE PERFECT THING FOR YOU!” She yelled, running out of her closet with a dress, “Go put it on now, go, go!” She pushed me into the bathroom.

I was wearing a black dress that had a sweetheart neckline and lace sleeves, with an open back paired with cream stilettos. I actually like it. I walked out and Rose screamed, “Damn, trying to give me a heart attack bitch?” I put my hand up to my heart. I think I’m going to die. Today is just not my day… or is that every day?

“OMG, you look so fucking sexy, I’m about to go gay for your ass”, She squeals out.

“Well jeez, don’t go gay on me! All them gay guys are going to hate me because they’ll go straight when they see you”, we squealed back, we starting laughing as we left the house.

10 minutes later, we pulled up to a party, red cups everywhere, people passed out, others walking around wasted, everything you would imagine at a party. “So who’s party is this?”

“I don’t know, but he’s one of the jocks and nice”. I nodded, that means all of the dumbass jocks will be here.

We head inside, the scent of alcohol hit my nostrils and the warmth of sweaty bodies dancing, like it’s their last night to live.

“Let’s go party!” Rose yells out.

I don’t know how long I danced. My guess five hours. Maybe six. I don’t know how many drinks I consumed, hell I don’t even remember my name at the moment; I was so intoxicated.

Swinging my hips side to side, hands wrapped around my waist, pulling me into their chest, “Damn little nerd, I didn’t know you could dance like this!” I knew that voice, I just can’t put my finger on it, I looked to see if I could see the face, it looks so familiar. Chris. I might be very drunk, but I’m pretty sure a dead woman wouldn’t even want to dance with this guy.

“Get your filthy animal hands off me Chris!” I screamed in his face, his grip on me tightened and he pulled me up the stairs with much struggle. Like, can no one see this? You guys must be all blind out there!

He pulled me into a room, closing the door, then slamming my back on it, I cried out in pain when the doorknob hit me.

“You know nerd, you should be really careful who you’re talking to”, he whispered in my ear, going down to my neck, kissing it roughly. I tried getting out but his grip tightened, coming back to my face, the scent of alcohol making me cringe in disgust. I did the only thing to piss anyone off. I signed my death wish doing this.

I spit in his face.

I felt the heat rise to my left cheek. The-son-of-a-bitch-slapped-me!

I fell to the ground holding my cheek, it stung, “you bitch, spit on me again! I dare you!” Well it’s like, what they say is what they get, right?

I got up and bowed my head, “yes your majesty, right away.” I lifted my head, with all my confidence and spit on him again, but this time I got a little in his mouth.

Chris grabbed me by the hair, pulling me up to his face. “You’ll regret that, little nerd.” Before I knew it, I was on the ground getting kicked, I screamed in pain, I screamed the only name I thought would come to my recue.


I didn’t expect him to come, he doesn’t care about anyone, let alone me.

He got on top of me covering my mouth so I couldn’t scream, he learned down and started to kiss my neck again, I whimpered trying to get away.

The door flew open and in came Xavier, I’ve never been so happy in my life, but confused. Did he hear me? He ripped Chris off me and knocked him out in one blow.

“Nathan, Caleb, take him to the house and lock him in the basement”, Xavier said, I was still on the ground in shock. “Skylar, I’m taking you home.” He helped me up, but I screamed in pain. I think Chris may have broken my ribs. He picked me up bridal style.

“I can’t go home, my brothers, they’ll be made and I can’t leave Rose alone!” I whispered as darkness took over me. Falling into a deep sleep. 

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