Gang Leader's Girl

19 year old Skylar White lives with her six older brothers, and dad. What happens when her dad has to leave for a year for a 'job' and her and her brothers have to move in with the feared gang leader in New York? Or when she gets a text from an unknown number and the gang leader promises to protect her? Will she stay or will she run?

Xavier Black the feared gang leader in New York doesn't care about anyone but his four friends, he wouldn't hesitate to kill you. What happens when he see the most gorgeous girl and starts to get feelings for her? Will he run from his feelings or will he chase her?


"You're mine"


1. Chapter One.

Skylar’s P.O.V.

“Skylar, wake up!”, I felt someone shaking me as let out a croaky groan. I turned the other way and pulled the blankets over my head. “Get up Sky!”. My brother Sawyor’s voice floated through my head. I groaned again in annoyance and opened my eyes. As Sawyor left the room I got out of bed.

“We’re going to be late for school! Let’s go!” My other brother Samuel yelled all the way from downstairs. I could hear his voice bounce between the walls.

“Calm your tits! I’ll be down in a couple of minutes!” I yelled back and laughed to myself. That’s a lie! I take hours to get ready. I did my morning routine, jumping in the shower, then getting out and drying myself. I then put on a grey skirt and matched it with a lace top. I grabbed my leather jacket as I closed my bedroom door and made my way downstairs.

As I got downstairs, the smell of bacon hit my nostrils. “My favorite, bacon”, I yelled as I ran into the kitchen to see my six brothers standing around the bench. That’s right, six!

“You look beautiful sis! Now go change!” Shane said as he gave me a hug. I frowned at Shane, but I could feel all eyes staring at me.

“What! Why?” I asked confused. I liked my outfit, I thought it looked cute. Shane looked at me, then gestured to what I was wearing like I am supposed to know what he was saying.

“Yeah look, I’m going to ignore you and go eat my bacon”. I walked around him only to be stopped by Sawyor and Santiago. Well I am getting it now.

“Go change NOW!” The both yelled simultaneously, I flinched at their loud demanding voices. Two can play this game boys, I pouted my lip making a few tears fall down my cheek.

“You guys didn’t have to yell”, I cried. “I was only trying to look pretty on my first day back.” All their faces softened. Sawyer sighed and gave in like he always does.

“Fine, but you stay with at least one of your brothers at all times! Do you understand me?” His face turned serious, he looked like a business man. I smiled and nodded turning to a pissed off Santiago and sticking my tongue out at him, before going to take a plate of bacon and eggs.

You see, my mother always wanted a girl, but ended up with five boys, she then had me and Shawn. Twins! First one was Sawyer, the oldest at 27. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He’s probably the smartest of us all. Well he is a teacher at our college.

Then Shane, he’s 24, he has dirty blonde hair and brown eyes, oh and he’s super lazy! He was more a geek, non-stop on his phone or some kind of technical device. This is his last year in college, lucky shit!

Then Santiago, brown hair and blue eyes, who is 22, he’s quiet and bipolar. The strongest of all my brothers, no one dares to piss him off, well except me of course.

Seth is 21, he has blonde hair and brown eyes. I am the closer to him than any of my brothers, we tell each other everything. He wasn’t as tall as everyone but still taller than me.


Samuel being 20, blonde hair and blue eyes, he’s the funny one with my twin Shawn. They’re always pulling pranks on all of us, it’s annoying.

And then you have Shawn and I, we are 19 but soon to be 20. We both have brown hair and blue eyes; the only difference is Shawn is taller. Oh and god is he sportier than me, I hate sports!

I pulled myself out of my thoughts and looked at the time, I freaked out! “Guys, we only have 20 minutes to get to school and class!” They shot up in unison, Seth ran up to me and threw me over his shoulder running out to the car, yelling bye dad.

In the car I sat in the middle of Shawn and Seth. We had two cars of course, but I swear they only talk about girls in either car I choose to go in. They are my brothers and all, yeah I do love them, but damn they’re total players!

15 minutes later we pulled up to the school parking lot, thank God! I didn’t want to be in the car with them any longer, sweaty weird people. We had to go our separate ways because obviously we don’t have the same classes, sadly.

Shawn was walking me half-way to class before he had to go to his own. I was super scared, and not because I am a wimp but because, I guess you could say, I’m the ‘nerd’ of the school and I get bullied.

No I don’t tell my brothers, I don’t like having attention on me and I hate feeling week, plus the reason why people hate me is probably because I can’t shut my mouth.

I was so deep in thought, I walked straight into a wall, and when I say it hurt, I mean it, like I think I am going to get a concussion!

“Are you blind? Watch where you’re going next time!” I looked up seeing not a talking wall but Xavier Black; the scariest guy around town, the bad boy, the famous gang leader.

He was the sex God. He is 20 and has brownish black hair, ice blue eyes, the perfect jawline, built body, tattooed arms, everything a girl could ever want in a guy. Except for his attitude and cold heart. Girls wish to date him; boys wish to be him or at least be a part of his gang.

“I-I’m SO sorry!” I stuttered out. I stay away from him at all costs. If people bullied me, God knows what he and his friends could do.

“Whatever, leave before I change my mind!” His deep voice was so sexy; I wonder what he sounds like in the morning. He raised a single eyebrow at me when I didn’t move. “Stop eye raping me.” His eyes were hard as ice, no emotion.

I quickly nodded and ran to class; I knew I should have pretended to be sick today! Life is so stupid and cliché. I walked into class right as the bell rang and went up to a back seat.

“Look the slut is here. Boys get ready.”
“ She’s so ugly. She should put on more makeup.”
“I bet her parents are disgusted with her.”

Everyone was staring as I walked to my seat; sadly, I had to sit near Chris, the jock, a.k.a. the jerk! One of the many that bully me the most with his toy Tiffany. “Okay kids, today…”. I ignored the rest of the lesson, it was always the same thing, this teacher bored the life out of me. Something hard hit me in the face.

I looked up to everyone staring at me and laughing, a book was on the ground. “Aye bitch, I think you have something on your face.” Chris laughed with everyone else. I could feel warmth dripping down my forehead, the best first day ever! Right? Quickly grabbing my things; I ran out of the class and straight to the girls’ bathroom. I ran straight to the mirror, staring at myself. I saw the big cut, blooding streaming out like no tomorrow. Great, what am I going to tell my brothers now!

I walked out of the bathroom, heading the nurse’s office, only to be pushed back into the bathroom. “Skylar! What the hell happened? I’m about to go tell your broth-“, I cut her off.

“Rose! You’re not telling my brothers anything! Now I’ll tell you everything at lunch, but right now, I have to go to the nurse’s office before I bleed to death!” I said calmly. She nodded her head, narrowing her eyes at me.

Rose is my best friend, she has beautiful long blonde hair and chocolatey brown eyes. She is my best friend and is the only one the knows about my bullying, and promised not to say anything. I walked to the nurse’s office still thinking of what to say, literally I have nothing. When I walked in Mrs. Kelly ran up to me.

“Oh God! What happened to you? Take a seat beside Xavier and Chris, I’ll be right back.” She ran off and I turned to look at Chris with wide eyes. He had a black eye, a busted lip and it looks like he was bleeding a little from his head.

“I think you have something on your face”, I repeated his words in my head; he looked away from me not saying anything. Okay then. I looked at Xavier; he was already staring at me with a dead look that scared the shit out of me. I looked away, there was no way I was sitting beside Chris.

Xavier, okay, but Chris, no thanks! I leaned on the wall, feeling a little dizzy from the book that hit me on the head. “You should sit”. His deep voice sent a shiver down my spine and got the hair on the back of my neck to stand.

I looked at him noticing he was now sitting beside Chris, so if I sat down I would only be beside him and a wall. I thought about it. I guess it would be better than collapsing on the floor and it’s not like he’ll try to kill me right? I nodded to myself and walked to the chair, sitting down awkwardly. I felt him burning holes in my head.

“Chris, your parents are here to pick you up. Xavier, the principal is waiting for you. Skylar, let’s put some stitches in your head and your brother, Sawyor, is on his way”, Mrs. Kelly said in one whole breath, as she walked back in the room.

Chris got up but turned to me, “You’re that weak, you need a bodyguard.” He whispered so quietly, only I could hear. I flinched when he moved his hand.

I was so confused to what he was talking about, but couldn’t ask him because he just left. Mrs. Kelly came up to me smiling just as Sawyor walked in, looking like he was about to go on a killing mission.

“Can you tell me what happened?” Mrs. Kelly asked before Sawyor could say anything. All I could do was fake a smile at her.

“I was walking and I accidentally walked into a locker that was open,” I said. From the corner of my eye I saw Xavier look at me knowing he could see through my lie but didn’t say anything, he just left.

“Ok let’s go get that all fixed up and then you can leave.”

After the painful stitches, Sawyor took me home saying that I needed to go to the eye doctor to get my eye checked. I rolled my eyes at him walking into the house and going straight up to my bedroom.

When school was finished all my brothers came barging into my room, panicking and looking at my stiches and asking questions. I told them ‘what happened’, they all just said I was clumsy and need to be more careful.

They then left my room and Rose comes running in sitting on my bed. “Tell me everything!”, She said with a stern look on her face. So that’s what I did and boy did I get a mouthful afterwards.

“You didn’t tell your brothers? They can help you!”, She cried out and I just rolled my eyes at you.

“Ya well I left out a part that was super weird, Chris was in the nurse’s office with Xavier-“ She cut me off.

“Xavier Black! Oh my God! They got into a fight, I heard about it, Xavier kicked Chris’ ass and if Jake, that hot sexy son of a bitch wouldn’t have stopped it, Chris would have ended up worse.” Rose has a crush on Jake, it’s been forever and heck she can’t even talk around him.

“Anyways like I was saying, Chris, before he left, told me that I was weak for having a bodyguard, but I don’t know what he’s talking about.” She thought about it for a second but then just shrugged.

“Want to get our minds off this and watch Teen Wolf?”, she asked. I nodded in agreement. Although I was still wondering what he was taking about, my bodyguard?

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