Gang Leader's Girl

19 year old Skylar White lives with her six older brothers, and dad. What happens when her dad has to leave for a year for a 'job' and her and her brothers have to move in with the feared gang leader in New York? Or when she gets a text from an unknown number and the gang leader promises to protect her? Will she stay or will she run?

Xavier Black the feared gang leader in New York doesn't care about anyone but his four friends, he wouldn't hesitate to kill you. What happens when he see the most gorgeous girl and starts to get feelings for her? Will he run from his feelings or will he chase her?


"You're mine"


4. Chapter Four.


You know when you get so drunk, you feel like your brains are going to blow or when you feel so sick you think you’re dying? Yeah that’s what I felt like when I woke up, plus my ribs are killing me, I pulled the blankets up to my chin. I don’t remember my blankets being so soft… or my pillow so comfy.

Wait a minute! I don’t remember coming home, the last thing I remember is- oh my Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Xavier.

What the help happened after the party, hat if I said something stupid, what if Xavier left me there and I got kidnapped! Oh my God, this bed could be my kidnappers, I’ve got to get out of here!

I get out of the bed and walked to the door, peeking my head out to make sure the coast was clear. The halls are clear, I should make a run for it and pray I don’t die, I feel like I’m in a cliché movie.

Running out of the room, I ignored the pain in my ribs. I noticed this house was huge, there’s a lot of doors, the walls are a creamy white colour. I got to the stairs but I could hear talking. Curiosity killed the cat but I’ll pretend I don’t know that.

“Do you think she’s ever going to wake up, it’s already noon and her stupid phone won’t stop going off.” A familiar voice said, I walked down the stairs quietly so they didn’t hear me.

“I don’t fucking know, how about you go wake her up”, I can recognize that sexy deep voice anywhere. Xavier, yummy.

“Yeah, you’re right. I’ll do just that”, I popped out of the corner knowing the familiar voice was Jake.

“That’s something you just don’t do to someone, be happy you didn’t have to do it or you would never be able to have kids.” I glare at Jake, turning to Xavier. “Where’s my phone? How did I get here? Do my brothers know? Are you going to kill me?” I rushed out everything in one big breath. I didn’t know I could do that.

Silence is all I got, they just kept staring at me. Do I have something on my face?

“Your phone is in the living room, I took you here last night, no your brothers don’t know, we will not kill you and you should probably go back upstairs and put pants on before the rest of the guys come back. You have clothes in the dresser, I got Rose to bring you some.”

The last one, that one I didn’t want to hear I didn’t even want to look but I did, I was wearing only a black V-neck t-shirt that reached mid-thigh. How the hell did I not notice that? And who the hell changed me.

“Don’t worry, it was Grace who changed you, she’s my doctor, also she checked your ribs. You have a couple of fractures but nothing too severe, you have medication for the pain.” Xavier said, turning back to making something on the stove. “If you hurry up you can still get pancakes before I take you home or to Rose’s house.”

I nodded, “thank you, for everything.” I walked out going to get my phone and then upstairs. I can’t help but think he’s not that bad of a person, just someone with a bad past that can’t leave it behind because he’s too scared, and also anger issues.

After having a shower and getting changed into back skinny jeans, with a white t-shirt, I put on my black converses and headed down stairs only to be met with 15 scary looking men, dressed all in black. They haven’t noticed me, maybe if I back up really slow and make a run for it? What do you think?

Turning around slowly, to make my escape only to walk into a hard chest, losing my balance, warm arms wrapped around my waist.

“Easy there Sky, they won’t hurt you”, he whispered into my ear, a shiver ran down my spine. He was acting weird, not his normal grumpy ‘I’m going to kill you’ attitude. It was weird, but nice.

I wrapped my arm around Xavier’s torso hugging him tightly, I felt him tense up but really didn’t care right now. “Oh Xav, I’m so happy to see you!” It came out weird since I said it into his chest, but I’m pretty sure he understood since he answered back.

“You saw me like 20 minutes ago”, his chest vibrated, he’s laughing. Oh my God that means, I looked up to see a small smile on his face and damn it look H.O.T!

I actually made him smile, oh it’s on, I’m going to make him laugh till he can’t breathe anymore.

I let go turning around to the people, who were now staring at us with no emotion in their faces. “Whatever, I want pancakes now. Please!”


“S-stop please! …. Ahhh!” I screamed.

After breakfast everyone went to watch a movie except for Xavier, he went to his office to do ‘business’ work. While we were watching the movie I decided to get chocolate chip cookies, not caring who’s they were. There was one cookie left, Jake noticed and asked for it, I said no, so he tackled me for it and that’s now why where on the ground.

“Just give me the DAMN cookie!”

“OVER my DEAD body!” I kicked him where the sun doesn’t shine and made a run for it.

Footsteps. Footsteps is what’s coming after me, I feel like I’m actually going to die and only one place I know I’ll be protected and eat my cookie in peace.

Xavier’s office.

“Skylar, just hand the cookie over and no one will get hurt!” Shit, he’s getting closer. But little does he know who’s going to get hurt.

Pushing my legs, a little more, I swung the door open making it hit the wall hard, “Xavier HELP!” I yelled the last part as I fell to the ground with a thump and a heavy pig on me. “Get off me! You weigh like an elephant!”

“Jake get off her! What do you guys want? I’m busy!” Xavier grumbled, well I guess we’re back to the same old Xavier.

“She won’t let me eat the last cookie!” Jake whines. “And she ate the whole box already. Sky, sharing is caring!”

“I had it first.” I paused getting up. “And if sharing is caring, then I guess I don’t care.” I took the last cookie out of the box only for it to be snatched out of my hands. “Aye, who the fu-“ I looked up to see Xavier putting it in his mouth. Jake and I stared at him in shock.

Once he was done eating the cookie he said, “well now problem solved. Skylar I’m taking you home, make sure you’re ready. I just have to make a call and I’ll be at the door.” With that he walked out of the room.

“Asshole!” Jake nodded in agreement, smiling at me.

“Next time, I’m so getting that cookie!”

“You wish! Anyway, I’ll see you later, don’t want to keep grumpy waiting.” Jake chuckled.

Walking down I see everyone still watching the movie, I say goodbye and head to the door, Xavier already was there waiting for me. I gave him a small smile but I didn’t get one back. “so am I dropping you off at your house or Rose’s?”

“Rose’s please.” He nodded before heading to the car.

It was a comfortable silence in the car but I still have a nagging feeling that I owe him for helping me last night, I don’t know what would have happened if he didn’t show up and I wonder how he knew I was there? Did he hear me scream? That can’t be possible, the music was too loud. Should I ask him? Maybe one day but not right now, I don’t think he’s in the mood to talk, he looks pretty mad.

“Skylar, listen… I know you don’t want to leave your house, you don’t want your dad to leave and I’m pretty sure none of your brothers want that either. But I think it would be safer for you, I wouldn’t let anything happen to you.” He said mumbling, the last part I almost didn’t hear him. Speechless is what I am right now. He actually cares about me; he doesn’t want to see me hurt.

“I honestly don’t care if we leave that house anymore, yes all my memories are there and that’s where I grew up. But that’s the last place I saw my mum, and that also the house my mum died in front of me, it still haunts me and I’m happy to leave. For my dad, well, I’m to him going away, it’s nothing new. Only that he’s leaving for a year, but I can survive, don’t get me wrong, I love my dad, but I know he has to work.. and thank you. I’m putting my trust in you to keep me safe from now on.” You could hear the anger in my voice but I smiled at him when we pulled up at Rose’s house, he just nodded.

“Well I won’t break that trust, but you can get out now. I’ve got work to do, I don’t have all day.” He grumbled again, can this guy never be happy for once.

“Thank you again for everything, and next time don’t eat the last cookie!” I kissed his cheek and got out. I looked back at him to see a shocked expression on his face. I then realized I had just kissed him!

“Next time don’t come to me for help with your stupid cookies!” I gasped.

“They are not stupid cookies! They are the only thing to keep a girl satisfied with her needs!” I noticed that it came out really wrong.

“Well if you need satisfaction, I’m always here for you!” With that said, he drove off leaving me there with my mouth wide open.

He. Did. Not. Just. Say. That.

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