Gang Leader's Girl

19 year old Skylar White lives with her six older brothers, and dad. What happens when her dad has to leave for a year for a 'job' and her and her brothers have to move in with the feared gang leader in New York? Or when she gets a text from an unknown number and the gang leader promises to protect her? Will she stay or will she run?

Xavier Black the feared gang leader in New York doesn't care about anyone but his four friends, he wouldn't hesitate to kill you. What happens when he see the most gorgeous girl and starts to get feelings for her? Will he run from his feelings or will he chase her?


"You're mine"


5. Chapter Five.

I walked into Rose’s house, still shocked from what Xavier said. “Oh my God, Sky! I’m so so sorry, I shouldn’t have left your side, I just wasn’t fully functioning with all them drinks!” Rose pulled me into a crushing hug making me hiss.

She pulled away wide eyed. “I’m fine, just fractured ribs, bad headache, almost got raped… anyways I have to call my brothers, I have over a thousand missed calls and messages”, I said, walking into her kitchen and pulling out my phone. She walked in and sat across from me, staring. “It’s not your fault Rose, it was Chris’, don’t worry!” I said.

“Yes, but I shouldn’t have left you, what if something worse happened! I took you there!” She said, panicking.

“Yes, but I agreed on going. I could’ve said no, but I didn’t.” I said smiling at her. I dialled Seth’s number, knowing he’ll be the most calm, well I hope.

“Hello Skylar! Where are you? Are you okay? We’re all so worried!” I could hear the boys in the background yelling to pass the phone.

“I’m fine, I told you I was going to Rose’s for a sleep over, nothing else!” I lied, it was silent, if it wasn’t for Santiago and Sawyor talking in the background, I would have thought they hung up.

“Sky, we know you went to the party… there’s pictures of you dancing, now get your ass back here or we’ll come and get you!” Santiago said into the phone, thanks Seth.

“Okay, I’ll be there in twenty!” I hung up, looking at Rose, “pictures!” I said, she instantly pulled her laptop that was on the table to her and went straight onto Facebook.

“Oh my God Skylar, look as this, we actually look good!” Rose said, I got up and sat beside her, looking at the pictures of Rose and I on a table, bottles of who knows what in our hands, we were laughing in the picture, looking like we didn’t have a care in the world.

“Wow! We do look good. I’m so printing out that picture when I get home.” I nodded in agreement, it wasn’t a bad picture but my brothers probably see it in a bad way.

I told Rose I had to leave and I’d call her later, she offered a ride but I needed some air and plus I don’t live that far.

 My dad had already left for his business trip, so I won’t be seeing or talking to him any time soon. I didn’t even think he would ever leave us for this long, but I guess I was wrong.

And he was sending us to move in with Xavier and his gang, saying it was for more protection, yeah right. He could’ve hired a bodyguard or something, we have the money. My phone buzzed and I looked down.

Shouldn’t be walking alone day or night, something bad can happen.
- K

I shrugged it off, probably some stupid prank, but just in case, I’ll tell my brothers.

I walked to my door feeling my rubs hurting again, I guess I have more pills to take, I walked into the house to have my brothers jump on me.

I hissed in pain when I fell to the ground, with all of them on top of me, my headache started coming back. “Guys, get off!” I tried to say through the pain.

They all got off in lightning speed, “what happened? Where does It hurt?” Shawn said, he always has to say things out loud.

“Nothing, I just fell and have a major headache!” I said walking to the kitchen, they all followed of course.

“Yeah okay, you sure nothing happened at that damn party! What were you thinking?” Shane fumed, I looked at him for a minute before turning to get a bottle of water.

“I’m sure nothing happened at the party, if something did I would’ve told you guys, and I was thinking I should have some fun…” I mumbled the last party but they of course heard me.

“Have some fun!?” Santiago exploded, that’s what I was waiting for, “are you fucking kidding me! Hormonal boys at that party! Did you see what you were wearing!?” Santiago yelled.

“Yes, I had fun and yes, I know what I was wearing and I looked good! Can you guys leave me alone, I’m not in the mood!” I glared at them, well I was really tired and it was only 12:46pm. I didn’t let them say anything before I stormed to my room.

A couple of minutes passed, Seth and Shawn walked in, “so you going to tell us what really happened?” Shawn asked, sitting beside me and Seth on the other side.

I looked at them and sighed, I knew I could trust them. Heck, I could get hit by a car and if I told them not to say anything, they wouldn’t. So I told them everything and by the end I was crying.

The next morning, I woke up to Shawn and Seth cuddling me in a protective way, I guess all the crying got me to fall asleep. They were mad but promised not to say anything to the others.

I wiggled out of their death grip and went downstairs, no one was awake, boxes were packed, bags and suitcases were everywhere.

Today was the day and I don’t know if I should be excited or not. I mean I wouldn’t mind having a new start but I didn’t want it to be around a gang. I never got the chance to tell my brothers about the text, so I guess I’ll tell them later.

“You know a new start is going to do us all some good”, I turned around to face Samuel with a smile. “Mum would be proud of how grown up you are, probably mad at the stunt you pulled, but proud!” Samuel chuckled.

“Yeah, but not all new starts are good, we have to hop our will be!” I said smiling at my brother. We talked for a little where there was a knock at the door.

We both got up and opened the door, Jake, Valentino, Caleb and Nathan were standing there. “We’re here to help with some of the boxes.” Jake said, walking in with the others.

Yeah come on in, I really wanted to say. While they were packing the boxes in the SUV’s, I was making breakfast when Sawyor walked in.

“So sky, listen, I have something to say”, I looked at him waiting, “so uh, me and your brothers, except Santiago are going away for a week or two.” He said scratching the back of his neck, my jaw was hanging.

“You’re leaving me! Why? I didn’t do anything to deserve my family to just leave me! Is it because I look like her? I’ll dye my hair! I’ll get plastic surgery if I have to! Why do you have to leave me?” I yelled, by now all my brothers and the gang were in the kitchen.

I didn’t notice I was crying, when Shawn walked up to me, “shhh… We’re not leaving you for that long sis, we love you! We’re going to help dad with something and we’ll be back. You look beautiful just the way you are, don’t dye your hair or get plastic surgery!” He pulled me into a tight hug.

I cried into his chest before pulling away and going back to making breakfast, they watched my every move until I was done and serving them.

I walked out of the kitchen and pulled my phone out calling Rose, I need a friend and I knew I could call on her.


“Hey, I need you.” I could feel the tears trying to come out but I held them in.

“Be there soon!” She hung up and I waited for her arrival. When she arrived, she ran to me and pulled me into my room.

“Talk to me.” She said sitting down, I sat beside her, I gave her a small smile.

“My brothers are leaving for a week or so except Santiago.” I said, her jaw dropped, “I know, I had the same reaction! I’m so mad!”

“Why are they leaving?” She asked, still shocked. “They would never leave, okay, maybe with Santiago here, but still”, she said in disbelief.

So I explained it to her and we argued about them leaving me, it’s not fair and I should be allowed to go with them.

“Skylar!” Samuel yelled, I got up and went downstairs with Rose behind me, when I got to the bottom my brothers were all standing there, “can we get a hug goodbye?” He asked.

I thought about it and then nodded, going to all of them by Santiago because he was staying, but he pouted for a hug so I gave him one, waving goodbye to the others.

Once they were gone, Jake said it was time for us to go now, Rose went home and I grabbed my last bag in my room and got in the car with Santiago.

When we pulled up to their house we are bought in the bags and boxes, I had a bigger room on the third floor beside someone else’s. My room was a grey in colour with black dressers and I had my own bathroom, so I couldn’t complain.

I guess I should explore the house since I couldn’t the last time, going out I walked down stairs to the garden, there were roses everywhere, white, red, blue, all sorts of colours and there was a massive pool in the middle.

Going back inside there were doors, the first one was Xavier’s office, I knew that, I opened the next to find the basement. It was dark but I still decided to go downstairs, there was a small light.

I gasped at what I saw, Chris was sitting in a chair, looking dead, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was, blood was everywhere old and new, making it stick.

“Chris?” I walked closer to him, he groaned looking up, “oh God, you look ugly.” He had bruises, blood and cuts on his face, his shirt was ripped.

“I’m so so sorry Skylar, please make them stop. I was drunk, I didn’t know what I was doing! And I only bullied you because I liked you!” He said, I could barely hear him.

“What the hell are you doing down here!” I snapped my head to Xavier, I was angry. I know what Chris did was wrong but that’s no way to treat a living person.

“How could you? He’s still a living person, you can’t just go and beat him to death!” I freaked out. Xavier looked at me, still raged but when is he not.

He walked over behind Chris and picked something up from the ground, my eyes widened when Xavier pulled back the silver pocket knife and stabbed it into Chris’ leg making him scream in pain.

“What the hell, stop it!” I yelled at him. I watched in horror as he pulled back the knife and stuck it into his abdomen. “Xavier!” I yelled running to Chris who was gasping for air.

“That’s what happens when someone pisses me off Skylar! Now get out of the basement and never come back down here!” He roared, I looked at him, then as Chris seeing him take his last breath.

I turned around but before going upstairs I whispered, “no one can love a monster!” With that I ran upstairs to my room and puked. I cried every time I thought of Chris. 

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