we meet the SEXYEST man on earth

3 sisters Ashley Ammy and Maddie really wanted to meet a very sexy celeb named Justin Bieber he was considered the king of sexy or the SEXYEST guy ever


2. Chapter 2

One day I was playing bingo with my 2 sisters Ammy and Maddie 

Ammy. maddie and me were Listening to Justin Bieber then we danced 

then we made out with the Justin Bieber posters on my walls to see who had the best make out skills 

Then that night someone knocked on my door it was a shirtless dude I was to focused on his sexy body to see who it was 

It was Justin Bieber shirtless on my door step Ashley maddie come here look

it Justin Bieber

Oh my god we love you 

Thank you I love you guys too

He kissed all 3 of us 

Then all 3 of us screamed SEXY at him

We all got to touch and kiss his sexy abs and take a picture with him the 3 of them kissed him on the check

Ashley and maddie our 12th birthday is coming up right


So you all are sisters 

Yeah we're identical triplets

well I got to get home I got to to catch a plane to California


one more thing 


Can we have your autograph plz

ok he gives them his autograph

we love you



best day ever Ashley

yeah girls 

When Justin closed the door

We all screamed

So who has the best makeout skills

Actually I think maddie does

Me to

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