Insanity's Wish

The Fourth Realm is plagued by war. After centuries of fighting, two races of beings able to utilize powers of the Gods are determined to wipe each other from the face of the planet. The Aeglusia, worshipers of Madgods and wielders of powerful destructive magic, have gained control of Uptop and are pushing their foes to the brink of extinction.
But the stability of the Seven Realms hangs in the balance. One race cannot exist without the other- and the end of one would mean the annihilation of the other. In order to save the Marked from their fate, a young girl must join forces with the Aeglusian prince to bring peace back to all the lands.


2. Teaser: The Beginning


Teaser: The Beginning

            In the beginning, the universe was divided; two halves of a perfect whole. There was The Dawn, and there was Dusk. Trapped in an endless battle for the takeover, both sides itched for complete control. This was the time that was ruled by the Two Elders: Origin, ruler of The Dawn, and Oblivion, King of Dusk. This was how it all began.  This was life as it once was- as it was never meant to be, and as no being alive today can remember.

            None but the gods of The Beginning.

            An eternity bloomed and died during the time of their rule.  In their wake was a mass of fire and chaos.  The universe was dying.  The Beginning was reaching its end. And so, Origin and Oblivion met in peace, forming a treaty that gave birth to a new universe—one that thrived on Balance, security, and peace—and new races of people to keep this ever so fragile balance in check. Never again would a universe die from war and upset.

            Now, the gods could do many things—they could create a multiverse with their dreams, and life with their breath—but keeping their subjects from fighting amongst themselves was not one of them. 

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