Boys, Boys, Boys

The new girl. That was all everyone was talking about. They heard bits and pieces about her. But who knew all four of them would like her as much as they did.


1. wild red


Everyone sorta just stared at me when I came in. 

I'm not sure why. But I went with it, fake it 'till you make it right?

I kept my head up and grabbed my schedule from the office. After, I walked out, to see a guy a little bit taller than me with unnatural red hair at his locker.

"Hey can you help me please?" I asked.

"Wha...oh uh yea sure" he looked at me, surprised.

I handed him my schedule, waiting patiently. 

"Okay, so we have homeroom, lunch and art together."

"Thanks. My name is Katelyn by the way." I told the boy with wild red hair.

"No problem, I'm Michael." He said smiling.

"So wanna walk me to this class, since I'm lost?" I asked smiling back.

"Yeah sure, let's go." I followed him, trying to remember where I'm going.


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