Boys, Boys, Boys

The new girl. That was all everyone was talking about. They heard bits and pieces about her. But who knew all four of them would like her as much as they did.


2. the corner

Just as we're about to step into the classroom, I ask him a question.

"Hey do you think that it'd be okay if I sat next to you? Just 'cause I'm still getting used to this school?"

"Yeah sure, of course. I sit over there," He said pointing to the back corner where three other guys were already sitting.

As we walked closer, I got a better look at them. There was a skinnier pale guy with blonde hair and a lip ring. A buffer tan guy with brown hair with a blonde highlight. And last, but not least, a guy who was a bit more muscular with curly brown hair (that seemed to have a mind of its own) with a bandana. 

"Hey Mikey." The boy with the lip ring said.

"Who's this?" The guy with the the highlight asked, cocking an eyebrow.

I looked at Mikey, and before I could speak...

"Hey guys, this is Katelyn." 

"Hey Kat. I'm Ashton." The guy with the bandana said smiling brightly.

"Hey Ashton." I said smiling back, not bothering to correct him.

"And I'm Luke" The blonde said, giving an awkward wave.

"And I'm Calum." The tanner guy said, giving me a nod.

"Nice to meet you guys."



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