Boys, Boys, Boys

The new girl. That was all everyone was talking about. They heard bits and pieces about her. But who knew all four of them would like her as much as they did.


4. nick

As we walked in, I went to the teacher and went through the whole "I'm new" thing.

She assigned me a seat...across the room from Ashton. I tried to get her to change my seat but she refused.

I pouted at Ashton as we sat down. She put me next to a guy named Nick. He was good looking, nice jawline, dirty blonde hair, ocean blue eyes. And he was funny, charming and nice too.

Nick and I were partners for the lab. (She said elbow partners.)

By the time class ended, Nick and I had exchanged numbers.

---Ashton's pov---

As I sat down I looked over to see a pouting Kat. Kat was funny, sarcastic, and confident, not to mention beautiful. What more could a guy want? I only just met her and I already liked her so much.

I guess other guys did too, I thought as I looked over to see her exchanging numbers with Nick

---Kat's pov---

After class, I said my goodbyes to Nick then Ashton offered to walk me to math.

He was quieter than usual. Or what I thought usual was, since I only just met him.

"Hey, you okay Ash?" 

"What? Oh yeah, why wouldn't I be?" He responded.

"Oh, nothing."


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