Without You

Celia Diggory was the younger sister of Cedric Diggory. The two were as close as siblings can get, and when he's suddenly murdered, Celia goes deep into depression. What can Harry do to make her smile again?


1. The Sudden Death

The arena was full of several people, cheering the Triwizard Champions on. I just knew that Ced was going to win! Not that one Fleur girl, Krum, and probably not Harry, because he was younger than the other three.

I sat by my dad and Ced's girlfriend Cho. We were all cheering for Ced, obviously. I couldn't wait to see him again, safe and sound.

Time passed, and Fleur and Krum were back, not because they'd won, so that left Harry and Ced left. Ced was going to win. He was always so brave. I was actually a but surprised that he wasn't a Gryffindor.

"Dad, when d'you suppose that Ced will be back?" I asked my dad, who wasn't really paying me any attention.

"What? Oh, yes, Celia, he'll be back soon, safe and sound, don't you worry. You're brother's tough," he said reassuringly.

"I hope so," I said.

"Don't worry, Celia. Ced will be back," Cho said with a smile.

I smiled back at her. She was really nice to me.

Sure enough, Ced, and sadly, Potter, appeared along with the cup. Ced had won! My dad, Cho, the rest of the people cheering him on, and myself, began cheering, very loudly. It wasn't until Fleur let out a loud, bloodcurdling shriek that I realized the shocking truth. Ced...was dead!

I ran down the stairs, and to his body, where Harry was crying over him. I grabbed onto Ced's hands, which were stone cold.

"No...no, no no no!" I yelled out.

I stared at his once handsome and charming face. It was now bloodstained and cold, with dead, glassy eyes staring at nothing. I began sobbing maniacally.

"Ced! Cedric!! No! Come back!" I yelled at him, knowing it wouldn't do any good.

"I'm sorry! I-I tried to stop him! He's back! Voldemort's back! Cedric! He asked me to bring his body back! I couldn't leave him!" Harry yelled out.

I just kept crying, not registering what he'd said.

I started sobbing harder, but then someone picked me up off the ground, away from Ced's body. I looked to see who it was. It was Cho. She was sobbing as much as I was. I let her hold me, in a hug.

"Let me through! Let me through!" my dad's voice ordered out.

He saw Ced on the ground, and he too began crying. My tough, brave, fearless dad was crying.

"That's my son! That's my boy!" he yelled out.

He leaned over the body, pushing Harry away. He let out long, loud screams of agony. Harry was still there. I wanted to wake up from this nightmare. Ced wasn't really dead. It was all a dream. I'd wake up, right?Professor Moody grabbed onto Harry and pulled him out of the arena. Cho eventually let go of me. We were both sobbing so much. We both walked back to the body and cried over Ced. I promised myself, that I'd never let my life be happy again without my brother, and best friend.

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