When an ex-convict mugs a man and kills her daughter by accident, she starts following him around, however, things aren't always as they seem...


1. Mistakes.

Ken walked slowly down the dank alleyway situated next to the bank. Surrounding him on his left and his right were dirty, chipped bricks, aged by wind and the people that made their way down this little path. Rubbish skittered past as a light breeze ruffled Ken's long, dirty brown hair. It's curls flew around, as if being swiped by some invisible entity. Here, Ken thought, I'll wait here. He stood, pressed as far into the wall as he could manage. A shadow, cast by the buildings either side of him, enveloped him in complete darkness. Anybody who chose to travel down the alley would have no idea he was there, even if they were an inch away from him, which, due to the narrowness of the location, they would inevitably be. Ken pulled up his coat sleeve, an old, rough fabric that just managed to keep him warm, to see his watch. The time was 2:03 in the afternoon. There would be a lot of waiting involved. Time began to pass, Ken flinching at every noise that pierced his hiding spot. Eventually, some distant talking reached him, and he froze. He listened intently, grasping at any words that floated far enough for him to understand. Soon, they came into Ken's line of sight, just a teenager wearing tattered jeans and a buttoned up shirt. The phone call was suddenly unimportant to him. This would not be the person he chose. As they continued on straight past Ken, he settled back into his reverie and waited a little longer. Soon, a little girl walked past. She looked 13, possibly older, and she was walking alone. She wore a dress, a simple, flowing dress with flower patterns covering it completely. The alley was darker now, so the colour of her hair was hard to discern, possibly a light brown, dissimilar to his dark, lanky brown. No, he thought, this isn't the one either. So the girl strolled by, oblivious to the presence of the man. Ken checked his watch again, noticing the time had passed by two hours. Soon, Ken would have to go home, he couldn't stay out here for too long. Whoever came by next, that would be his victim. Eventually, just as he decided that enough was enough and he would have to go home empty-handed, he heard footsteps. A man was walking by, accompanied by... strangely enough, it was the same girl from earlier. The sun had shifted considerably in the alley, so that Ken was still hidden by shadow, but he could now see the people walking towards him. The girl, he noticed, had blonde hair, and was now walking with a man. The man she walked with looked old, possibly the girls father. He wore a very expensive grey suit with a blue tie, his top button done up, slick black hair pushed back across his face. Yes, this man was the perfect choice. Ken waited, he waited until the couple were inches away from him, so close that if he breathed to heavily they would not only hear it, they might well feel it. Out from his coat came a gun, a standard black pistol he had acquired from the boot of a mans car. He pushed it out, right into the small of the rich mans back.
"Don't turn around, don't make a noise, or I'll kill you here and now." Ken said. His voice was hoarse from the day of hiding, his mouth was noticeably dry. Sweat began to leak from his pours, moistening his forehead, his top lip quivering.
"Okay, okay, I'm not turning around, and I'm speaking quietly. Sophie, my dear, step back, be quiet and don't move." The man in the suit looked down towards his daughter, who was frozen in fear, looking up at Ken with huge blue eyes that reminded him of his brother's old car. What a weird thing to be thinking about right now, he said to himself. 
"Your old man's right, little lady. Step back against the wall, keep your arms down and keep that mouth of yours shut." She acknowledged this and slowly, stepped back until she bumped into the side of the alley, brick dust falling down beside her.
"Give me your wallet and any jewellery you have on you. Do it, now!" Ken demanded, raising his voice slightly as he pushed the gun further into the man's back. Soon, he was pocketing a lush black wallet, along with a Rolex and a gold ring. Everything was going according to plan. 
"Sophie, run!" The man shouted. He spun round, quick as a cobra, grabbing Ken's gun and forcing it down. Sophie panicked, looking both ways, before running away behind her father, her back completely vulnerable. Ken pushed the rich man back, pulling up his gun and in a fit of confusion, aimed and pulled the trigger. Away from both the adults, a thump resounded as the little girls body flopped to the floor, lifeless. 
"No..." Her father whimpered, as Ken himself made a split second decision, aimed the gun once again and squeezed. Two bodies, surrounded in pools of blood, lay before him. This, he panicked, was definitely not the plan. He fled, leaving behind the two people he had coldly murdered, and unknowingly leaving behind any future he might have had.

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