I'm don't letting people ruin my life. It's about time I say what I think.


2. February 28, 2017 A time to be alive


You're my best friend and nothing could change that!!!

Do you mind if I ask why you aren't allowed to have contact with any of us? If you don't wanna answer you don't have to. It has me wondering after all these years. Just curious!(:

Band has gay invited to the NAIA tournament at CofO again. And I'm going.. band isn't the same. And it will never be. Mr, T has really became a jerk. But anyways.. like in just a few short months we will be seniors... crazy to think time has flown by.. our lives are just around the corner..

Last summer I got a job at Silver Dollar city. And I absolutely hated it! But it game me money. I finally got my license and I bought my own car.! It was the best feeling in the world!

Best friend,


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