A woman's weekly story


1. A woman's weekly story

Whom should I marry ? I don’t want but want children. Somebody like minded.  But where do I get children?  Must be willing to become American.  I am already engaged to be married.  Will he be convinced. We need strong fire sign kids. Not puny Asians like us.  So that they bully the world, not get bullied by them.  They don’t have to be brainy. We are brainy enough. How about brainy and strong kids ?  We have no family in the USA. How about a family who would take us on. After all I already have earned 8 Million dollars by the time I was 12.  And we are rich in knowledge too.  An Aries and a Leo kid would be nice.  My dad said you can find plenty of Americans wanting to settle in Asia. How about such a family. Lets go to the hospital and find willing families. Leave the selling of the idea to me.  I was pleased. The kids would be grown up by the time I was in my late 30’s.
And so we found the kids. A boy and 2 girls.  But alas they were Australians , not Americans. And mild piscean, cancerian and gemini. Never mind my Dad and mom said. Take them on.  Australia is the new America. Besides kids live where their parents live. People have just started going to Australia.  Life is said to b pretty laid back there. It will be laid back.  We are loaded. Don’t have to work.   And so we went to Australia to pick up the kids.  But my  dream of becoming American did not change. I worked hard and encouraged my partner to work in the USA.  And we managed to get American citizenship.  At the age of 35.  Not a year too soon. And then we retired in sleepy laidback country town of Milalee.

***************The End****************

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