Alive in lies

Just read and find out loves❤️


1. 1

I wake up to hear my mom and dad yelling at each other like always, it doesn't affect me anymore hearing them argue it's seems like that's what they do everyday now. But my sister Kate on the other hand was always crying when she heard them argue, my sister was 12 and already had the look of a 15 year old but she still had feelings of a 12 year old, she doesn't like seeing our parents fight and I'm not gonna lie sometimes I wonder if my parents might get a divorce I mean for them to be arguing that bad it's just not healthy. "Katrina.. is mama and daddy breaking up" Kate asked me as I walked in the bathroom to brush my teeth "I don't know Kate" I was giving her my honest response I really didn't know what to think.

"What if they do break up" she sits on my bed watching me

"I'm pretty sure their going to tell us before they go and take a big step like that Kate"

"What if they don't" 

"I know for a fact they wouldn't do that" I walk out the bathroom looking for something to wear

My closet was my treasure box it had all me clothes and shoes in it, I loved fashion because fashion always took my mind off of everything. So once I finally picked the right outfit I pushed Kate out my room and told her to get ready for school.


I put my iPhone 6plus in my back pocket and put my book bag on my back and start running down the stairs "Kate hurry your ass up before I leave u I'm not playing!" I yell
"Alright I'm coming" she says running down the stairs.

I get in my lil all white lexis car it probably wasn't all that but it was still a car most of the people at my school have to walk to school so I consider myself a lucky person.

"Trina let's play some Bryson tiller" Kate reaches for my radio but I slap her hand away" she looks at me with wide eyes "what? U already know I don't like listening to Bryson tiller in the morning" I say looking back at the road, I hear her sigh 

"Trina can I talk to you" I look at her then back at the road "sure what's up love" 
"Well there's this boy name Anthony and he and me have been friends since 2nd grade  and he asked me if I wanted to be his..." I started to laugh as she looked at me serious "Trina this isn't funny I don't know what to say"

"Well do u like him back?" I ask "yea" she answers lowly "well then u answered ur own question honey bun" I say as I pull up to Kate's school, she hopped out the front seat "thanks Trina ur the best sister" I smile then I wave bye as she shuts the door 


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