Ian's Story

factor X contestant and boy band member


11. The Italians

Chapter 11   The Italians

   Wow! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Amongst the new influx of passengers there was a school party, mostly made up of   teenage girls with a few boys amongst them.  All of them looked about my age or slightly older.  Mike, my constant shadow remarked. “I bags the boy with the crew cut hair. He looks so cute.” This made me smile because he sounded like the old Mike. The only problem I could see was the boy he liked was with the girl by his side or so it seemed to me, according to their body language.

   That first evening we the boyband ‘T Five’ put on a show and had everyone giving us a standing ovation.

   After the show when leaving the theatre, we were mobbed by all the girls and boys of the school party. They all wanted out autographs. Apparently they were fans and had voted for us when they were in London last year in October when we were on the TV show ‘Factor X,’ and the real reason for them choosing to go on this cruise was to meet us in person. It was amazing they even knew us by name, especially me because several had my internet photo with them wanting my signature.  When it came to crew cut and the girl’s turn, I learnt they were brother and sister named Filippo and Caterina from Milan.  Over hearing this my shadow, Mike introduced himself and while I was talking to Caterina he was busy chatting up Filippo. Later that night in separate beds this time, Mike was full of it. Talking about how Filippo and he had really clicked and that we four were to have breakfast together in the morning. I didn’t mention to him that Caterina had asked me if Mike and I were a couple as she had noticed how close we were. This made me wonder if others thought the same, and that is why tonight I had not pushed the beds together. The funny thing was I missed sharing the bed with Mike and looking back, also with Josh.  ‘Fuck’ I thought, did this mean in some way I was gay or rather bi as I certainly liked girls? Before going to sleep I tried imagined having sex with Mike. Fuck that I thought, no way could I do that. Okay that didn’t work. I tried again with for instance the cute Italian boy Filippo I’d met today. Yeah, I certainly could imagine that mouth of his giving me a blow job. But no way did his body arouse me in the same way Sandy’s had the last time we did it.  I fell asleep with a smile on my face dreaming of Sandy.

   At breakfast the next morning I couldn’t look Filippo in the eyes without felling embarrassed, especially after imagining those lips of his giving me a blow job in bed last night. Thankfully his sister was there asking me questions about everything to do with being a ‘Factor X’ contestant. Unfortunately, they had to attend a boring talk that morning so couldn’t come to watch us rehearse. It was left that we would see them later in the Palace Room, where as a band we were playing for those wishing to dance or just having a drink and hopefully enjoy the music.        

   Word had got out that we were in the Palace Room this evening so, instead of it being quiet, there were girls everywhere with cameras on long extended sticks taking selfies all the time. I had to laugh when Filippo had to queue up to just talk to Mike. Thankfully, the girls didn’t know where we slept, otherwise we wouldn’t have a minute’s peace. Mike had indicated to me that he and Filippo would like to have sex but there was a problem of where to go. Even if Filippo could be smuggled into our room, no way could I sleep in a deckchair without being caught and questions asked, because within a few day of the school group arriving several newspaper reporters followed them on board. We and our fans were hot news and also good for the cruise liner’s business.  Sammy our agent, had even contacted Conner because the shipping people were thinking of booking us for their next year’s early cruise. Although great news in my case, it had to be a no because my dad would blow a gasket. To let me even come on this trip, I had to beg him and promise faithfully that next year I would work extra, extra hard for my A levels.   

   However, after a discussion with the other members of the band, I found all except Conner had education commitments of one kind or another. Even though going on a Caribbean cruise ship sailing around the islands was very tempting the answer had be a definite no. It was also agreed that our agent Sam look for band gigs only over the week ends when we got home.  The funny thing was Mike and Filippo never did get to have sex because by the time the reporters had gone, it was also time for all our fans to say their goodbyes. I must admit without them always  being around and forever popping up taking those damn selfies the ship now felt empty.



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