Ian's Story

factor X contestant and boy band member


17. The band

Chapter 17 The band

   Fuck, it’s now been six weeks since I left home. Josh, who looks after the internet web site, told me there’s no money for anyone because the advertising just about paid for its running costs. The college, when I asked, couldn’t give me any more modelling work at the moment. Today I was forced to take out money from my bank account even though mum had given me twenty pounds. The problem is we haven’t done a gig since George and Charley left for college. Something had to be done, otherwise, God forbid, I might have to go cap in hand  home to dad.

   At our next meeting, I suggested to Conner and Mike that we perform at a gig miming to one of our boy band recordings, like we did in Butlins.  Maybe we could get both Josh and Richard to mime to George and Charley's voices and, as for the dance steps, we could make them really simple.

  Richard had been all for it, when Conner had suggested miming to one of our songs. Josh, however refused point blank, saying it wasn’t the miming he was worried about but standing up on stage in front of a load of people. To me this was only a minor setback because I had a plan.

   On  Friday, I invited Josh and his boyfriend Peter, together with Richard, to join me, Mike and Conner at our local pub, for a drink. Unbeknown to them, we had this arrangement with the manager to sing some of our songs and he would provide us with free beer. It also was a Karaoke night.

   That night was something to remember. Josh, with the help of his boyfriend, Peter, and a glass or two of liquid courage, got up onto the stage and did really well. The real surprise was Richard, who when given the Karaoke mike sung like a bird.


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